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  1. qb7
    2010 1.8L Changed a starter motor May 23, 2018.. cuz of weird noise during startup... the "grinding" sound... not sure if it helped.
  2. Marbeans
  3. Rolla4life
    2010 toyota corolla s
  4. Joshua Noble
    Joshua Noble
    Amateur mechanic (used lightly) learning how to fix things as they break on my 98 Corolla ME.
  5. SpoilerAlert
    SpoilerAlert Scott O'Kashan
    Hi there!
    My name is Lauren, I have a 98 corolla with 215K miles. I love my car and I want it to pass 400K! Ive been doing the best i can to maintain it. Recently needed new spark plugs, and battery. The mechanic said the transmission was good too! What are some important things that I should check in order to make that possible?
  6. lefter_v
    Hi, I need to change the front left side strut on my 2009 Corolla. Would struts made in Japan fit on Corolla made in Canada? Thanks.
  7. Dr_Tee
    1982 Corolla Coupe 3T-C (107k Miles)
  8. Man T
    Man T
    How do I put on fog light on my toyota corolla 2005
  9. Ricky Rios
  10. Kimberly Horman
    Kimberly Horman
    "Frosty the Snowman" - 2018 SE6MT
  11. Kimberly Horman
    Kimberly Horman
    "Frosty the Snowman"- 2018 SE6MT
  12. Wilfredo Vargas III
    Wilfredo Vargas III
    Looking for advice on aftermarket parts for 2014 Corolla CVT VVTI 1.8L
  13. Peter Simwala
    Peter Simwala
    my toyota corrolla 5A engine starts and then cuts after 3 seconds. what could be the problem?
  14. randy c. de la cerna
    randy c. de la cerna
    thank you mga sir
  15. BravoRolla
  16. BravoRolla
  17. Angel Hidalgo
    Angel Hidalgo
    2018 toyota corolla xse
  18. Cwilson2499
    Service Advisor for a large, high volume Toyota dealership
  19. Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia
    2014 Corolla S Plus 6MT and RS kit
  20. Kingsley Okorodudu
    Kingsley Okorodudu
    my AC compressor was filled with gas, 3days later it stopped working. when I checked the compressor, I noticed a white fume was coming out.
  21. Rizwan Bunce
    Rizwan Bunce Mohsin
    Dear Mohsin,

    This is Rizwan from sialkot. I see you thread at corolla forum regarding toyota axio hybrid not shiffting to EV mode and rpm remains up after remove foot from throttle.

    So if you have solved the problem please share i am really upsets with this problem.

    My contact no is +92 3318747737 just leave a msg i will call you.


    Rizwan Bunce
  22. JoshTRD
    JoshTRD Jimmy O
    is the borla exhaust still available and what would be the process you would wish to ship it with? i live in southern california.
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    2. Jimmy O
      Jimmy O
      Sorry Josh,,,, Sold to another member.. Thanx tho
      Feb 24, 2018
  23. Dada boluwaji
    Dada boluwaji Scott O'Kashan
    i drive corolla S 2005 1ZZFE engine,my engine light flash frequently and my oil pump is fine,oil fliter is good,oil switch is fine and it also supply oil when i open the top cylinder and i have replace the crankshaft and is still flashing the engine oil light and i dont know what to do again please
  24. Connor2750
    2002 Toyota Corolla S, 1.8L, 5 speed. Fully rebuilt motor.
  25. BigK
    BigK Jimmy O
    How much are you asking for the K&N typhoon?
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    2. Jimmy O
      Jimmy O
      Big K,,, Just checked on k&n website,,,, same part #
      Feb 5, 2018
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    3. Jimmy O
      Jimmy O
      Thanx to Big K for a smooth transaction on the parts.... I'm sure you will enjoy both of them Kevin......
      Feb 24, 2018
  26. BravoRolla
    Hi I'm new in this forum but I'm familiar with tn. I'm bravo Rolla I have a 2016 corolla s
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  27. Mrtreed
    2014 Corolla s plus
  28. HaiWong
    HaiWong Scott O'Kashan
    anyone does DIY brake fluid change ? any particular sequence or order to bleed the line ?
  29. fitiam4me
    fitiam4me Chris Denton
    I found it. Thank you anyway.
  30. fitiam4me
    fitiam4me Chris Denton
    hi. I really liked your comparison video of the LED high beam bulbs. Could you please send me a link to the seller. I tried finding it but was unsuccessful. I would love to purchase them. Thank you in advance.

  31. mariusing
    mariusing bluesmoke91
  32. SirBry
  33. Connor
    Rollin' In My Co-Rolla!
    Trying to keep it running well..
  35. Chinaman16
    I ordered a set of 235/35/18 rims, and my car is lowered on eibach springs with stock strusts, I don't want it rub, what size tires is good?
  36. Bill Ruiz
    Bill Ruiz
    Has anyone installed injen intake on 2017 I'm?
  37. Captante
    State of confusion
  38. Izzy
    2015 Corolla S Plus
  39. Orlando Ojeda
    Orlando Ojeda Scott O'Kashan
    Hello everybody, I am new in this forum. I have a question. I have a corolla 2002 I would like to know what engines fit my car but year over mine. Sorry for my English.
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  40. Ian Pritchard
    Ian Pritchard
    2001 1.4 vvti
  41. LoweredLifestyle
    2014 eco corolla modified CC. cartunenetwork
  42. Corolla Chuck
  43. Christopher Riojas
    Christopher Riojas
    My car just quit grabbing gear while driving so i came to a stop turned it off the back on attempting to putin gear then nothing shiftrt
  44. Bakht bilal
    Bakht bilal
    (toyota corolla 2017 model which is avalible in pakistan but why the same model is not avalible in any eurpien country)
  45. Tim The Car Man
    Tim The Car Man
    Never had the fuel filters changed
  46. Tim The Car Man
    Tim The Car Man
    once you get it in drive it runs smooth and no hesitation at stops or lights
  47. Tim The Car Man
    Tim The Car Man
    I have a new battery , plugs and fuel pump was replaced two yrs. ago
  48. Tim The Car Man
    Tim The Car Man
    Need help 2005 Toyota corolla S...The car takes many turnovers to start, after 2 or so min it dies.
  49. Bill K.
    Bill K.
    I am living in East Brady, PA. I bought a 2012 Toyota Corolla on 9/22/17. I haven't had any problems. I recommend Clazzio seat covers.
  50. matthew Akin
    matthew Akin
    i have 2000 Toyota corolla with code PO302 ,