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    license plate lamp assemblies

    Are these things available aftermarket? I didn't see them on parts.geek
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    Aftermarket Horns

    Very cool, but not for me.
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    Aftermarket Horns

    I'm looking for an aftermarket horn that sounds like an old american car horn to replace the meep meep horn in my 02 Corolla Everyone just runs me off the road. I saw a thread from 2015 about some horns for a late model Corolla, but I want to hear from peeps that have the same car as me. As my...
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    Aftermarket Horns Thoughts and Opinions

    Hey guys, this is long after your thread, but I just "restored" my '02 and I'm looking for horns, too. What's the latest on this?
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    Bully bar bumpers

    Does anyone get on this forum anymore? I'd really love to hear from someone.
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    Bully bar bumpers

    Hey folks, In the three years that I've had my 02 Corolla, it's been hit twice. I got it all fixed up and painted. I dont want it damaged anymore. Where can I get bumper over riders to protect the front and rear?
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    Replacement Hood/Fender

    I know this is an old thread, but I searched it because I'm in this situation too. I bought a 2002 from my older brother. I put some money into it, including another motor, and I want to get parts of it repainted. The body shop guy told me to get another hood, which I have no problem doing...
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    What Kind of Transmission Oil Pan is This?! Cannot find replacement part. Plz help.

    After making a few phone calls, it looks like the part that comes up for our cars is for an outdated 3 speed automatic, and most of our cars have 4 speeds. I called Dorman, and they only make the 3 speed pan. The 4 speed pan is only available from the dealership, which is what I did.
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    What Kind of Transmission Oil Pan is This?! Cannot find replacement part. Plz help.

    Is the picture above the dorman part 265-823? On advanced website it lists it for all corollas but it has a note that says 3 speed, and I think we have 4 spds. I'm having the same problem
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    Parts available for a 98-02 Corolla, shipping or meetup in New Jersey!

    I first posted in December. No replies for any of us....
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    1998 Corolla Drivers Window does Not go down

    Its probably the window motor. The originals are known to go bad. I know mine did. It never worked quite right from the factory. The aftermarket motor works just fine.
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    1999 corolla p0420 p0446

    The po446 is an evap code. All the codes from po440 to po459 are all the evap codes. They need to be fixed but don't cause stalling. My car stalls when I put in gas too. Don't worry about it. The po446 could be just a bad gas cap. If you replaced the gas cap and still have a code, then it's a...
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    2002 LE misfiring cylinder 2

    Nobody ever answered this? I have an 02 as well. How many miles? Could be fuel injectors going. First my #3 was bad, then #1 and the car was very slow. I just decided to replace all my fuel injectors when I took it for emissions inspections. I had knocking/rattling too. The knocking could be...
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    Hesitation on 2002 Corolla LE (197k miles)

    No one ever answered? Well, at the time you could have gone to advance or autozone for a check engine light scan. I have an '02 and mine started running poor. I checked the coils, no wasn't that. Put in new plugs (NGK iridium's) didnt help much. My fuel injectors were going bad at 150,000+...
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    Parts available for a 98-02 Corolla, shipping or meetup in New Jersey!

    Are any of these parts still available? I could use the headlights and a rim, still.