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    Driving uphill

    betzy is smart she's rite ''d'' is drive and echo is a fancy overdrive and s is like low 2 just like the older auto transmissions so on hills leave it in drive and give it the meat! (gas) so if you want to take off fast or rip around use s mode and put in d mode at 40 mph or so I wouldn't drive...
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    1.8 Exclusive CVT - Idle RPM Question

    my 2017 le does the same thing that's the least of your problems Toyota changed my transmission at 18k with a remanufactured one and this trans. is acting up now these cars are overpriced and they sold to many to admit they screwed up now everyone is stuck with them ! Toyota is no longer a...
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    change cvt tranny fluid?

    remove drain plug and inner plastic spout about 2 quarts will drain out put plug and spout back in measure fluid amount buy marking container you drain it into. then fill the same container to that mark/line you made then pour it in the trans. fill plug. drive for a few miles 50 miles or so then...
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    2016 Corolla CVT Transmission Failure

    just had my transmission replaced 2017 corolla le 18000 miles. Toyota put's remanufactured units in and its already having issue's so the cvt's are junk !