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    Selling property?

    I had some experience in this. I sold my apartment last year, hardly to be fair due to this pandemic. I did it by myself, didn't reach to a real estate agency or something like that. 3 years ago I sold my parent's house, well I took care of it and this year my grandparents want to sell their...
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    A Toyota Corolla and 3 kids- crazy talk?

    No, you are not crazy, and I am sure that it is possible to fit three car seats, all in the back seat? Of course, the car is not the best in this case, but at the same time I am sure that there are car seats that would fit perfectly for a Toyota Prius, so just try to get a consultancy from a...
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    2017 Corolla Service manual needed

    By me, it is pretty clear why many companies that tries to spend less paper on their manuals, and I aprove that.
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    Bluetooth iPhone

    Hello, maybe there is a problem with the car microphone, cause I have heard about this problem in Corolla.
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    VIDEO - 2014 Toyota Corolla TV Commercial 'Style Never Goes Out Of Style'

    I want to continue my story... once again, I understand that I did the right thing by rejecting it. Once upon a time I found at an alternative to cable TV and switched to streaming. Now I have a huge selection to view. There are no restrictions and the most important thing is...
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    VIDEO - 2014 Toyota Corolla TV Commercial 'Style Never Goes Out Of Style'

    Hah, are they still doing this? I just stopped following it because I gave up cable TV years ago
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