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  1. Ralph0722

    Low beam headlight lamp replacement?

    RockAuto has TYC headlamp assembly replacements available on both NSF or CAPA from $375+ each. That should be more economical than the dealership.
  2. Ralph0722

    2017 LE Interior Rattles?

    Mine is made in Mississippi.
  3. Ralph0722

    Where to get the least expensive remote keys for a 2018?

    U could get a replacement key from Amazon but still have to get the dealership or a Locksmith to program it. Make sure if you're buying it from eBay or Amazon that the key has the letter H at the base of the key.
  4. Ralph0722

    2017 LE Interior Rattles?

    I thought I was the only one to notice how much rattling from this car!!! In my 2017 the grab handles rattle, the dash rattles, the passenger seat rattles, and the worst of all, that really annoy me, is a rattle inside the headliner right on top of my head. When it rattles, i touch the headliner...
  5. Ralph0722

    Toyota Corolla - RPM revs up to 4000

    My 2017 revs up when downhill and the cruise control is on. I guess is a cvt thing.
  6. Ralph0722

    Code reset ?

    If whatever triggered the light to come up gets corrected, they yes after driving it a few cycles it will turn off by itself.
  7. Ralph0722

    2019 Toyota Corolla LE remote range is not very far

    My 2017 is the same way. I replaced the keyfob battery with a new one and still i have to almost walk right next to my car for the keyfob to work.
  8. Ralph0722

    Low beam headlight lamp replacement?

    Where did you purchase the controller? You got the part number? Thanks
  9. Ralph0722

    Low beam headlight lamp replacement?

    Mine is a 2017 and they are sealed. I was told at Toyota that the assembly is to be replaced.
  10. Ralph0722

    Low beam headlight lamp replacement?

    If you have factory Bi-Led lights they are non serviciable. The whole assembly needs to be replaced.
  11. Ralph0722

    New Owner

    Happy holidays from Orlando Florida. I'm a new Toyota Owner. I bought my first Corolla 2 weeks ago a 2017 Corolla LE in silver. My last 2 vehicles were GM cars so im looking forward having fantastic reliability once and for all.