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  1. CorollaKid

    Looking for some easy to use OBD Tool for my Corolla BY 2017

    I've been using a ScanGuage for years. Very happy with the product.
  2. CorollaKid

    Stinky A/C remedy

    So, I have a 2015 and noticed this, too. It smelled like moldy illness after I used the air conditioning and jumped back in the car and flipped on the AC again. I started to turn off the AC about 30 seconds prior to turning off the fan before exiting the car... I notice how much moisture was...
  3. CorollaKid

    floor mats

    Read this... It explains everything.
  4. CorollaKid

    Oil change frequency

    I change my oil at 10,000 mile intervals, per the instructions in the owner's manual. I drive about 26,000 per year, so it doesn't take very long to hit the 10,000 mile mark...
  5. CorollaKid

    On the fence, Prius or Corolla

    I agree with jolly. Hang onto the current Prius. If you really have to make a change, the 2020 'Rolla hybrid is pretty awesome. Personally, I'm in it for the long haul and plan to keep my Corolla for at least another 3 years, at which point I will give the car to my daughter. It will have...
  6. CorollaKid

    Fuel service

    Good article, jolly.... thanks for posting it. Hey, Estebanbarrera... What you just described is a phenomenon I call "STEALERship practices". I personally stick to the recommended services as outlined in the owner's manual and don't allow the dealer's front desk folks in the Service...
  7. CorollaKid

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    Just passed 100,000 miles. Runs like day one!
  8. CorollaKid

    Transmission fluid change

    As I understand it, the conventional, 4-speed automatic requires a fluid change at 60,000. The CVT is considered to be a "sealed unit" and the fluid is intended to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Dealerships will "recommend" a great deal of frivolous services for your's a money...
  9. CorollaKid

    What insurance do you have?

    I'm with AAA, too. House and cars. Can't beat the bundled prices for either. I have the 2015 Corolla and a 2012 Expedition insured for $101 per month for both.
  10. CorollaKid

    Tire Recommendations?

    Conti makes a quality product!
  11. CorollaKid

    Transmission fluid change

    Interesting... My dealer's front desk person in the Service Department recommended it and then was told by the mechanic that you don't do this on a 2015 with a CVT. Caution - STEALERship practices detected!!
  12. CorollaKid

    Tire Recommendations?

    I have been running Continental TrueContacts on my 2015 LE Eco. I have about 62,000 miles on them... They will last until about 70,000 or so. Absolutely a great tire and a very good price point. I will be replacing these with another 4 TrueContacts later this year...
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    Hit 100,000 miles today. Running great. All original, minus tires and wiper blades. Been a great daily commuter that eats the miles.
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    I am a self-proclaimed car guy, having owned over 30 cars since I started turning wrenches back in the mid-1980's. During this time, I've owned and driven everything from air cooled VWs to muscle cars to off roaders. I've been an avid drag racer (on the track) and have logged over a million...
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    Hot damn! I thought I was stacking up mileage fast.... I am expecting to get to 178,000 in about another 3 years, at which point I will be giving the car to my daughter for her to learn to drive and first car (she's 13 now). Glad to hear it's still doing well with that kind of mileage. Keep us...
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    178,000 miles or 178,000 kilometers?
  17. CorollaKid


    99,000 miles and zero issues on my 2015 LE Eco with a CVT. Aside from tires, everything is original. Will be heading in for the 100k mile service by mid-April.
  18. CorollaKid

    How many miles do you have so far??

    I would pass on any extended warranty. Save the money in the event you need it for a repair... You probably won't use the money. Mine is a 2015 with 91,000 miles. The car is rock solid and runs perfectly. The dealership tried to talk me into an expensive extended warranty when the lease was...
  19. CorollaKid

    How many miles do you have so far??

    I prefer to call mine a "Rolla-Royce"
  20. CorollaKid

    How many miles do you have so far??

    2015 LE Eco... Just had the 90,000 mIle service done today.