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  1. ZeCorolla

    MWR Fully Built Engine

    For those who actually want to build there Corolla engines whether it be for turbo, N/A, supercharged, etc. MonkeyWrench Racing just released their built 2ZR-FE heads and short blocks:
  2. ZeCorolla

    Corolla GTI Concept "Joining the Supra Concept will be the Toyota S-FR and Corolla GTI concepts." So, rumors say that there will be a Corolla GTI concept coming out when the Supra concept comes out. I'm assuming this is...
  3. ZeCorolla

    Grinding Noise from Engine Bay

    I've been hearing a grinding noise coming from my engine recently so I took a look to see what was making it. The grinding would occur when I start the car, shift gears, and let go of the throttle. I noticed that it was coming from the serpentine belt side so I looked there and I noticed there...
  4. ZeCorolla

    2017 SEMA Corolla

    Have you guys seen the heavily modded Corolla from SEMA? Here it is and it honestly looks amazing: Yes, that is a 2ZR-FAE (a.k.a. the Corolla LE ECO engine) with a turbo on it Also note the fact that there is a 6 speed manual paired with the 2ZR-FAE engine. Thoughts?
  5. ZeCorolla

    Dashboard Rattling Fix

    A guy who I watch on YouTube called EricTheCarGuy uploaded a video today on how to fix dashboard rattles in a 2013 Rav4. I thought it might helps some of you guys here:
  6. ZeCorolla

    2017 Corolla LE Revealed

    So, the 2017 Corolla SE and XSE has been revealed a while ago but just recently, the LE was released as well as some info on trims. Things that I've noticed: - tail lights are...
  7. ZeCorolla

    2011 Corolla - USB Error

    So, my mom can listen to music through her IPhone 4S via USB or Bluetooth in my 2011 Corolla S. I tried plugging my Nexus 5 through USB but the radio would only show the words,USB Error, and it would be flashing, and no audio would play through the car. I thought that was an Android problem so I...
  8. ZeCorolla


    Hey guys! I just wanted to introduce myself into this forum.:D You may know me from ToyotaNation as SupremeCorolla451. I have a love for Corolla's and I own a 2007 Corolla CE!:thumbsup: It's great to be here!:clap: