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  1. Lukeleo

    89 Corolla 4A-FE Not Starting Issues

    I've faced such a problem/ If you got some problems with starting you have to check your battery first of all. As far as I know sometimes the problem is in it's low power or voltage. I've solved my issue with help of battery maintainer, you can choose one from this review...
  2. Lukeleo

    How to find out right headlight bulbs for your vehicle?

    Hello, everyone! I've been searching for a car at NY last few months and noticed that at ny-trucks you can find a car, sell yours and also look for some vehicle details. You can chek here(
  3. Lukeleo

    2013 Corolla roof paint delaminating

    I painted my cars roof one week ago. I have to give my car for rent on the wedding and need to wash it. On this service said that i have to wait more 3-4 days before wash, Is it so??
  4. Lukeleo

    Show Us Your Recent Purchases

    Hi, everybody. My purchase is only planned and it will be a new auto jeep compass. I chose a long time for a quality and reliable car and finally stopped at the jeep. But I would like to ask you. Did I make the right choice or do you have a different opinion?
  5. Lukeleo

    Solving problems with logistics

    Services related to logistics, supply chain and a number of other processes and technologies. Australian firm consultants will help you and your trading business Supply Chain Consulting
  6. Lukeleo

    Maintenance Question for High Mileage

    In my opinion, interracial dating isn`t bad at all, on the contrary, when you meet a person of another race, Asian or black or else, such sites as tell really well about such a relationship, you can get experience you`d never acquire with a woman of your own...
  7. Lukeleo

    How many miles do you have so far??

    My Corolla's in the garage right now in the shop, that old lady's driven miles. But I don't care right now because I'm going to Spain soon and I want to rent a Toyota. I have already found a good service site car hire marbella. Tell me have you ever rented a car for tourist purposes? Is it...
  8. Lukeleo

    2014 Corolla S Transmission Fail afer update

    Unfortunately, new Corolla's do have a number of issues with their transmission system. My brother owns a Corolla of two thousand and fifteenth year of issue, and he absolutely hates it with the true passion! A poor laddie did not listen to me when I told him to get a jeep compass instead.
  9. Lukeleo

    Vigorous steering wheel shake

    Vibration of the rudder may cause damage to the hub, which can occur when you hit a pit or hummock at high speed. This problem is detected using a special device in a car workshop. If the wheels installed on the machine do not match the dimensions of the hub, the steering wheel will always be...
  10. Lukeleo

    Hello everybody

    Hello! I am a new participant. And the work connected with the car for me is very interesting.
  11. Lukeleo

    Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 V15.1 software Free download and update guide

    Thanks for the link, I was interested.
  12. Lukeleo

    My new Kawasaki Versys 650 LT

    Kawasaki Versys 650 LT looks great. The compact two-cylinder engine of the 649cc series combines maximum torque with low and medium torque and high speed for an exciting ride.
  13. Lukeleo

    Test, just a test

    Carry out testing of the car for durability is very important. technical inspection of the car is also important, if in time to notice the emergence of a new problem (backlash, rust, leaking oil), you can avoid problems and a greater expenditure of money.
  14. Lukeleo

    What's the Worst Car...

    I had a Volkswagen Caddy, for me the worst.