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    2008 Corolla CE

    Hey guys, with my Rolla being a base model the door rub strips are black and the car is white, from what I can see the strips are just attached with double sided tape, can I remove them to give the car a clean look without problems? Or will there be clip holes in the door panel?
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    2008 Corolla CE - Rims

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 15inch set, of 5x100 5 spokes, or bbs LM style reps in a bronze finish for my car, anyone got ideas or options?
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    20008 Corolla CE - Intake and Mufflers ?'s

    Hey guys, I have an 08 Corolla CE/5-Speed...I'm wanting to get an intake for my car and still be able to pass inspection (legally), is there any way to piece together an intake since there is not a kit readily avabile that is a bolt on application? Also, I'm looking to get a muffler for my car...
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    2008 Corolla CE, 5-Spd, (1.8)

    Hey guys, quick question, I am looking to add a little "get up and go" to my corolla, I've been looking for something along the lines of an air intake for my car, and I want something that will still allow my car to pass insepction (legally). I have also been looking into mufflers and have not...
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    Cody From DFW Area, TX

    Hey Guys, I'm Cody, proud owner to a 2008 Toyota Corolla CE 5-Speed MT! As I said, I'm new to the corolla side of the vehicles so I do a couple questions as in improving performance add-ons are available to my vehicle, I will post any questions in the correct forums, and would appreciate input...