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  1. ftraven520

    3 Reasons Why your Brake Lights Aren't Turning Off

    #1. Worn-out brake pads The brake pad is an automotive component that is subjected to extreme operating conditions. The brake pads are in charge of slowing down the car, whether it's on a slow or fast run. Brake pads will wear out with time, so you'll need to replace them to get a optimum...
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    How can I make my wiper blades last longer?

    There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your wipers and avoid having to replace them before they're due. 1. Make sure your car's wiper blades are clean This tip is quite self-evident and should be combined with other components of your car-cleaning routine. As they pass down...
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    Toyota Corolla E90: 33 years and more

    The model has been here ever since 1989. In 1991, Toyota replaced it with a larger "big body." Hundreds of thousands of the Corolla E90 were sold in different variants. It was probably the first car from Toyota that introduced consumers to the "Toyota reliability" phenomenon as it had a cheaper...
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    Some early signs show your fuel injector is failing

    When it comes to vehicles, most problems usually show early signs before they become a full-blown concern. So before your failing fuel injector gives you more trouble, it's best to recognize its common signs. Hope my post is going to be helpful :) The check engine light is on The most obvious...
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    Newbie in town :D

    My name is Raven, I just want to say a proper Hello to you guys here. Nice to meet you all :D