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    37 degrees warning comes on 2020 toyota

    Love how it hits 37 degrees within 5 minutes of the ride DING DING, Warning there may be Ice roads ahead. no way of shutting it Off .
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    Air bag recall one day it will be a knock knock we're here to do it for you

    SAve your $$$ and simply stop trying to keep sending me your Urgency letter
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    catch can

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    tomato in 5 day

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    Directed Alarm removal

    I am seeking out that long issued battery drain, this will be the last step, buy a new brain
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    darkn the screan rear camera

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    How to install brakes, rotor and slider pin

    Simply and easy, if you're new I show it so simple to do a repair. so check it out, and enjoy
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    Osmo action and Yi Snake head

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    2010 toyota Corolla S engine bay and fuel line

    So I am cleaning up. got the major problem solved. a mystery that was, so time to tart cleaning the engine bay, and as I inspected closely a fuel line is
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    Strut boot bellows

    I remember years ago, a wrap around bellow. well as I knoticed one was shot to hell the other side got jealous. guess all four can go like that, stress. Worth fixing? not sure anymore.
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    RC flying what fun isabout

    what fun is about
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    2010 corolla S General repairs getting ready

    After solving my battery issue Lol, it is cleared up for now, and the Ride. I checked my rotors ( call them disks) they need replacing, might as well pull the wheel off, and surprize, the back brake is gone! had a lot of life on the pad. Stuck slider pin, it's important to lube them, I did...
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    wash day

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    its hers now

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    Gas door swings in the wind

    where you tighten
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    inspect filter