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  1. JesseG

    2014 Corolla Snorkel Removal Help

    Thanks for the suggestion I will keep those on my radar. I've always been a big fan of BFG tires. I'm also considering Yokohomas to get a Japanese tire.
  2. JesseG

    2014 Corolla Snorkel Removal Help

    Forced induction is the only way to make significant power, and at that point a GTI, Mazdaspeed 3, or WRX would be better options. Enjoy your Corolla you have a great setup already. And if you haven't done anything to the suspension that will help a lot to get coilovers, lowering springs, and...
  3. JesseG

    2014 Corolla Snorkel Removal Help

    That's what I did also, removed that scoop and curved piece. And removed the charcoal filter. I also installed a K&N panel filter. It has a nice growl when you really get on the throttle, otherwise it sounds just slightly louder than stock. A short ram intake will make the best sound, but I...
  4. JesseG

    2014 Corolla Snorkel Removal Help

    Sounds great! The little 2ZR can sound angry when it's allowed to breathe better.
  5. JesseG

    2014 Corolla Snorkel Removal Help

    AFAIK the charcoal filter is emissions related only. I don't think it would be a big concern about voiding the warranty. It's a non-serviceable filter. But I understand wanting to be safe as far as the warranty is concerned.
  6. JesseG

    AC Just Stopped

    Sounds like it's time to visit the dealership. Do you have the Auto climate setting on? Just a suggestion but maybe disconnect the battery and see if it was just a programming glitch with the Auto setting?
  7. JesseG

    What type of gas are y'all putting in the tank?

    I live in TX also and only use 87 octane, usually from Valero which is one of the few stations around with the "Top Tier" rating.
  8. JesseG

    LED low beams burned out

    Is her car still under b2b warranty? If so get it to the dealership pronto. I'm guessing buying a replacement LED headlight won't be cheap. And I believe you have to buy the entire assembly. Let us know how it turns out!
  9. JesseG

    2014 Corolla S CVT Problems

    My 16 Corolla S is my first car with a CVT and I've noticed you need to apply throttle very smoothly in stop and go traffic. Otherwise you feel the torque converter "shudder". But that is with acceleration, I haven't noticed anything during deceleration. OP, what happens when you use the paddle...
  10. JesseG

    Warranty Issue 2016 Corolla - Window Trim

    I'm shocked, they fixed the window, with no damage!! And no rattles, yet. Hahaha Ok well there is a small scratch on the door frame, but I can handle that.
  11. JesseG

    Warranty Issue 2016 Corolla - Window Trim

    Well I have an appt scheduled at my dealership tomorrow to get the window trim replaced. Wish me luck! I'm not thrilled about them taking the door panel off, but I don't have much choice.
  12. JesseG

    2015 toyota corolla L 4 speed transmission problem

    I never noticed that in the 4 speed auto from my previous Corolla. It was slow to react, and not always very smooth with quick throttle changes. But it never felt like it was clunking in gear. Maybe have another dealership give you a second opinion. That can't be right.
  13. JesseG

    2014 Corolla Snorkel Removal Help

    Nice!!! A custom cold air intake will be nice, and it will still sound really good. A short ram intake sounds really nice also, a have a Takeda short ram from my 2013 Corolla. The holes for the heat shield don't line up correctly on my 2016 though.
  14. JesseG

    Corolla Customization

    I have to disagree, I think the CVTi-S in the Corolla S makes the car a lot more fun (if you want an auto not a manual). The paddle shifters I will admit aren't used a lot, but the 'Sport' mode setting is great. The car accelerates more aggressively and the steering is firmer. Yes the 'gears'...
  15. JesseG

    Warranty Issue 2016 Corolla - Window Trim

    Hi Neil! I can say that there is a difference between say a 1998 Toyota and a 2016. Some of that is probably cost cutting in order to stay competitive in today's car markets. We owned a 98 4Runner Limited for a long time before trading it in for my wife's 2015 RAV4. I will always believe in...
  16. JesseG

    2017 Corolla LE Revealed

    The 10th gen Corolla had a silencer box attached to the intake (a large white plastic reservoir). The 2016 does not have that any more, but there is an air scoop next to the battery that loops down in between the headlight and fog light. I assume it's to quiet the intake noise and possibly...
  17. JesseG

    soooo boring....

    I did have a bugeye WRX (2001) from new and kept it for 8 years. They are a blast, the STI even more so! I would be happy with a true performance Corolla XRS. The XSE will be really nice but a turbocharged XRS would be awesome! I'm dreaming I know. Haha
  18. JesseG

    Rally Rolla?

    The stock suspension has a lot of travel that's for sure! LOL
  19. JesseG

    rear spoiler

    I really liked the wing on the 10th gen Corolla S, it probably doesn't fit the 11th gen though. The lip spoiler on the current S is perfect IMO
  20. JesseG

    soooo boring....

    No more Scion soon though! Hopefully the sporty looks for recent Toyota and Lexus products is a good sign. And the new Supra should be built eventually. I just wish there was a Corolla XRS to go up against cars like the Civic Si, and Honda is bringing the Civic TypeR here!