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  1. Savoir-Faire


    I wash the vehicle with clear water and micro fiber towels, dry with clean micro fiber towel and sometimes a spray on detailer. I wax about every six months with a carnauba past wax. I wash, dry and wax in the garage. I live in the desert and most of the time the vehicles are garaged kept. I do...
  2. Savoir-Faire

    2015 Corolla - Automatic Transmission

    How about this, Toyota calls their *L* automatic transmission a "4 speed" but does it Really have 3 shift points (1-2, 2-3 and 3-4)? Is there actually a 4th gear? My thinking is on the gear shift selector you have "1", "2", "3" and "D" gated to "3" and all "D" does is allow the transmission to...
  3. Savoir-Faire

    2015 Corolla L Automatic - No Acceleration

    Corolla has 600 miles on it. At about 250 miles the check engine light came on as did the track control light. The track control light was unresponsive to the button on the center console, pushing it both lights stayed on. Called my dealership and the told me to make sure the gas cap was tight...