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  1. Frankieflowers

    Coil over kit for Corolla E11 (EE110) Hatchback/Liftback

    Hi guys. Struggling to find a coil overs kit for my Corolla. I was hoping to find Bilstein B14 or something good as it. Nothing from China of course. Can you suggest something?
  2. Frankieflowers

    Corolla EE 111 Hatchback vs Liftback shock absorbers

    Hi. i want to buy a set ob Bilstein for a Corolla E11 Hatchback (bug eye) but the Bilstein website shows only a version for the Liftback. The OEM parts on the Toyota parts website are different. I want to be sure that they are compatible. Any help or option? Thanks!
  3. Frankieflowers


    Hi. I checked diagrams for a Corolla E110/111 to understand how to build rear disc brakes with and without hand brake pads. There are two sizes of brake pads. The big ones (37 mm) for the drum brakes and the smaller ones (22x172 diameter) to work only as hand brake...