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  1. Thomas

    Contract Law

    This thread is to continue the discussion without derailing the original thread further: What are you even talking about? Judges (at least in the U.S.) do not throw out contracts because they deem them "unconscionable". They might use...
  2. Thomas

    Dead battery after 5 months.

    I have a 2015 Corolla LE that I bought new earlier this year. Two days ago my car wouldn't start (lights and infotainment system came on, clicking when trying to turn the engine). I jumped the car, and charged the battery. It started fine after that. Next day, it didn't start again. Battery...
  3. Thomas

    Corolla exhaust compatibility

    Do you know if this exhaust system is compatible with my Corolla?
  4. Thomas

    I wonder if it's possible to add Sport Mode and Paddle Shifters to LE model

    Since another user was able to install the cruise control lever to his L model (link below), the wiring and programming was already there in his car for that. So I wonder if the wiring and programming is already in the LE model for a Sport Mode button and Paddle Shifters. Any thoughts? Adding...
  5. Thomas

    Odd noise, possibly related to CVT

    Yesterday, when my car was stationary and I was shifting the transmission, I heard a medium-to-loud sound as if something heavy was being dropped. I then heard a little squealing like a belt was loose. I popped the hood, and couldn't see anything wrong. The squealing went away after a minute...