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  1. dirtysan


    Just to give you an idea. DM me if you have any questions.
  2. dirtysan

    lowering springs

    18x7.5 katana CR5, 45 offset. Had to use 1" spacers to make them flush.
  3. dirtysan

    lowering springs

    I used part # PTR07-02140 from TRDparts4u. I believe they recently updated the website. Before it didn't show springs for 2015 model year, now it pops up but with same part # as previous gen springs. They fit perfect and very simple to install. Recently added the strut tower bar ,rear stabilizer...
  4. dirtysan

    lowering springs

    1st pic-TRD Springs from trdparts4u ($240) 2nd pic- After installation and wheel alignment with OE Wheels, 3rd pic -Day after with 18's installed. I have driven to Dallas from El Paso (9hrs) with a loaded trunk and no issues what-so-ever. Handles better, sits nice and low but not too low...
  5. dirtysan

    Showing off my new 18s, let's see what you guys are riding on.

    18x7.5 katana CR5 Found these almost a year ago online but no one had them in stock and I was told they were discontinued. Recently got on ebay and found some available. I snatched them up because these have the exact look I like. No chrome, Not all blacked out, just right amount of machined...