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    Amttuning services.

    I saw a claim of 30 whp gain when combined with CAI and headers. Only thing is, it was done on a 12th generation Corolla with the 2L engine.
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    Amttuning services.

    Anybody tried ECU reflash service on the 11th generation Corolla?
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    2009 Corolla S Turbo Thread Build

    Almost makes me want to slap the same turbo setup on my 2016 S with CVT.
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    Monkey Wrench Racing Header

    Very pretty item.
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    Monkey Wrench Racing Header

    $499 for this plus it looks like you may have to modify the exhaust for it to mate up.
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    Mass air flow sensor

    Did you get it fixed? My guess would the Jet Power Flo not working properly because the K&N Typhoon is just a piece of pipe.
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    Shocks lifespan.

    I have a 2016 S, I was wondering how long are the shocks are suppose to last (mileage or time wise). My car has 25K miles in almost 4 years and I want to upgrade to the TRD springs to low it but I didn't know if I should get new shocks while I'm at it.
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    $9200, that is super expensive. Do you really need a 300+ HP Corolla? Mine has a CVT with paddle shifters and I like it. An extra 30 HP would do me just fine.
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    OV tune 1.8 2015 corolla s CVT

    It provides you enhanced response and better feedback from the CVT transmission according to their site.
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    You could do like 98% of the people who want more power. Just add an Injen cold air intake, a Weapon R header, a Borla muffler, an Orange Virus Tune and a Pedal Commander (for improved response). Should be good enough for an additional 25+ whp.
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    I need better acceleration

    There is a guy who went from stock 105 whp to 129 whp in his 2016 Corolla S (its on Youtube). He added Injen CAI, Weapon R header, Borla muffler and Pedal Commander. You could also add Orange Virus Tuning ECU upgrade for a bit more, not much more though.
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    Rear Disc upgrade

    I bought a set of 2017 rear calipers from Ebay for $100. They came with the parking brake cable, used pads (like new), mounting brackets, and OEM brake lines. I have been on different Toyota sites comparing the rear drum to disc brake parts, it seems all I need to get next are the rear splash...
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    How often do you S-Owners use Sport mode?

    I've used the "sport button" about 4 times and I have had the car since new, 3 years. Waiting to get Pedal Commander to see how much of a difference that will make.
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    Working on sound proofing the car.

    A friend of mine put a Dynamat type material under his carpet, in the trunk, and in the doors of his Honda Accord. He said the car was quieter but the biggest improvement was in the music. He is able to hear his music a lot better. Its as if he upgraded his stereo he said.
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    New 2020 Corolla

    The new Corollas look so nice to me. I've a few, but the red top of the line model is wicked.
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    Dealer installed TRD springs and swaybar when car was new... odd popping noises

    I am glad you posted this in case I was to experience this when I switch to the TRD springs and swaybars in the coming months.
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    Increase hp on 2016 toyota corolla s I'm sure if you go this route with the 12:1 compression ratio pistons, the higher flowing engine head, the higher lift camshafts, balance the rotating assembly, ceramic coat the pistons/combustion chamber and...
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    How far has everyone gone with their Corolla?

    The core charge is $225. Of course you can avoid that by sending your cams before the purchase or get the money back if you send your original cans shortly after purchase. Just click on the MWR site that I included with my statement above and you can see yourself.
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    How far has everyone gone with their Corolla?

    I finally got a reply from Orange Virus Tune. I asked them if the OVTune can make adjustments for the performance camshafts that Monkey Wrench Racing sell, but the guy at OVT never heard of those cams. The Rep at MWR said...