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  1. Thomas

    Cracked windshield..... no chip or evidence of contact WTF?

    Same thing happened to my Corolla when I had it shipped overseas. No indention where the crack started or anything. The shipping company replaced the windshield since it happened during transit. My guess is that when they strapped the car to the ship's deck, it put some unusual stresses on...
  2. Thomas

    2015 Corolla - Towing a Small Trailer

    This is about the CVT... so not applicable at all.
  3. Thomas

    Radio static

    It's not too strange considering it's an electrical problem and the radio antenna is located on the rear glass where the rear defroster is also located. I'm not an expert, but if I had to guess, the wires to the two systems are chafing somewhere and have made a connection. I would inspect the...
  4. Thomas

    bad mpg

    "certified pre owned" is just marketing speak and doesn't mean anything when it comes to the mechanical condition of the car. I have a 2015 LE, and with city and traffic driving, I'm getting over 300 miles per tank. I'm not a car expert, but it sounds like something's up with your car. How...
  5. Thomas

    Keyless Push Button Start System and Car Thieves

    Remote keyless start systems are vulnerable with some signal amplifying equipment, it's just unlikely anyone would steal a Toyota that way (if they get the equipment, they'll target higher-end vehicles).
  6. Thomas

    How often do you S-Owners use Sport mode?

    I have an LE, but if I had an S, I would use Sport Mode to have more control on engine breaking in the mountains (once every other week). In the LE, I can use S gear to avoid keeping my foot on the breaks (about half of the drivers I see do keep their foot on the break the whole way down). You...
  7. Thomas

    Blinker Fluid Help

    It's a bit harder to find, but I think it's worth the search to use their halogen fluid.
  8. Thomas

    cvt transmission fluid check

    The warranty on it is 5 years, 50k miles. The warranty on time-tested automatic transmissions is 10 years, 100k miles. I haven't heard of any educated guesses, but if I had to make an uneducated guess, I would say between 100k and 200k miles based on the warranties.
  9. Thomas

    radio not working

    > removed the radio out of car then put it back in You probably broke something in the process. I didn't know this was a feature. My guess is take it to a dealership and prove it's not stolen.
  10. Thomas

    Corolla Customization

    If the paddle shifters change the "gear" ratio of the CVT, then it is physical, not psychological. My guess is that the computer is the same between all the models, it just behaves different based on what's plugged into it. That's why someone was able to plug a cruise control shifter in his...
  11. Thomas

    Corolla Customization

    2015 Corolla LE The biggest annoyance for me is cruise control being limited to 25 MPH or greater.
  12. Thomas

    Corolla Customization

    There is some programming I would like to change in my car. Do you know how I can go about changing the code?
  13. Thomas

    Corolla Customization

    Wow, I'm not a car guy, but I would be surprised if that's even possible. My understanding is that the CVT is controlled by the computer, so if the computer in your car isn't programmed for it, will it work? I guess it's possible that Toyota reuses the exact same code for every configuration...
  14. Thomas

    Touch Screen Display Stuck in Update Loop

    You can try playing hardball (nicely) with the dealership. The first thing I would start with is saying that it occurred prior to you exceeding the warranty miles, but because they would only see it three weeks after you said there was a problem, they delayed addressing the problem until the...
  15. Thomas

    Dash Cam Installed Finally!

    FYI, the aluminum foil didn't work. No thoughts to where you pull the power from except to make sure it's a constant 12V source and it won't pop the fuse (I don't know what circuit the map light is on). I think I did mine to the tail lights (10A).
  16. Thomas

    Added front camera and mirror monitor on '14 LE

    I will try this weekend. Thank you.
  17. Thomas

    Added front camera and mirror monitor on '14 LE

    I also installed a Blackvue DR650GW-2CH in my car. I used double-sided tape to attach the Power Magic Pro to the car near the fuse box inside the car, and attached the wires to the brake light fuse. It was easy to run the wires along and behind the plastic trim. I have the extra rear camera...
  18. Thomas


    Yes, that is what happens in my car with cruise control on.
  19. Thomas


    It's engine breaking. With the CVT and computer control, I think it would be awesome if there was an option to have the break pedal actuate engine breaking sometimes rather than using the brake pads all the time. I'm not a big automotive guy, so I'm not sure if that would screw anything up...
  20. Thomas

    Who prefers LE front over S

    I like the LE front rather than the S front. The S front looks too aggressive for my taste. I just want something low-key that doesn't stick out.