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  1. SuperchargedMR2

    2017 Corolla iM Exhaust Sound Clip

    I've been asked for a sound clip from my 2017 Corolla iM after I installed my DC Sports CAI and ceramic header along with the DNA exhaust. I'm very pleased with the sound and opening up the exhaust and intake have injected some much desired power and responsiveness. For those that say these mods...
  2. SuperchargedMR2

    New Rocker Panel Decals Installed

    I finally got around to installing the rocker panel decals that I bought last year for my Corolla iM. I thought they would look good on the silver paint and I was right. I love the look.
  3. SuperchargedMR2

    My New 2017 Corolla iM 6MT

    So I bought my new 2017 Corolla iM with a 6-speed MT yesterday. The dealer was 125 miles away but they made it worth the drive as they had the best price by $1400. The MSRP was $19820 and the price was discounted to $16310 which was pretty sweet. My first choice was a blue one with silver as my...
  4. SuperchargedMR2

    Battery Relocate To The Trunk - Pics

    I started to work on moving my battery from under the hood to the truck so I have the room for my remote oil filter relocate. I made some good progress today. I began by selecting the location for mounting the battery in the right rear corner. I marked the holes to drill and jacked the back...
  5. SuperchargedMR2

    2009 Corolla S Turbo Thread Build

    I just ordered my new turbo kit for my 2009 S from I was able to visit there shop in Connecticut in September. I was very impressed with the shop and the owners Grant and Jesse were amazing showing me around. I ordered the kit with a few extra features too. It's supposed to be...
  6. SuperchargedMR2

    2009 Corolla S - New Here!

    I recently found this Corolla site so I figured what the heck & signed up! I have 3 Corollas in my fleet of 7 Toyotas. Here is my list. :shifty: 2010 Prius III - wife's car 2009 Corolla S 5MT - my car 2008 Yaris 5MT - 2nd daughter drives 2007 Corolla CE 5MT - 3rd daughter drives 1995 Previa SC...