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  1. Denis L'Heureux

    How many miles do you have so far??

    2017 xse, can't wait to finally change the plugs and shocks and all that other stuff that lasted 200k
  2. Denis L'Heureux


    2017 xse... ONLY issue, 3 charcoal canisters... stiff factory everything but pads and rotors and tires lol
  3. Denis L'Heureux

    heater not working properly

    i feel your pain with the heater... Living in Maine our winters can get brutal, the front window defrost is a joke ! what i found best is that RainX anti fog, putting the heat on the mid level setting (not the floor or defrost) and cracking a window or back of the moonroof... trying to keep...
  4. Denis L'Heureux

    A Toyota Corolla and 3 kids- crazy talk?

    i used to put all my weight on the car seats and used the floor pan hooks then the rear window deck hook, those seat never went anywhere lol... 3 car seats might be tight, the 2 outter ones might have issues buckling up... or in a crash you might struggle to unbelt them.... 2 mile trip, i'm...
  5. Denis L'Heureux

    Brake job

    did any of you paint you calipers yet? i'm debating on rattle can or the G2 set up...
  6. Denis L'Heureux


    when did you finally have to do a brake job done? im 100k behind you with my 2017 xse... my only issue on my 2 xse's one 2014 and other 2017 was the emissions charcoal canister.. other than that they been gems to own and drive...
  7. Denis L'Heureux

    Brake upgrade idea's for 17 xse

    im excited, i finally need brakes for my 2017 xse.... 134,000 miles but still within 2mm of state law pass/fail, so i'd prob be safe till 150,000 on the factory brakes... I'm excited cause its UPGRADE time :) im already set on dimpled and slotted disc all the way around and the yellow stuff...
  8. Denis L'Heureux

    How many miles do you have so far??

    just about to come up on 114,000 on my 2017 XSE... only issue is i am on my third emissions charcoal canister, i don't think it can keep up with the amount of fuel i dump in it a year... Still original brakes, shocks and everything but the canister...
  9. Denis L'Heureux

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    I got rid of the 2014 cause of it, the 2017 went and it was nothing but ice inside... So far it's come out of it... Pounded the dry gas to it the last 500 miles... Always seems to happen in the winter though
  10. Denis L'Heureux

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    have you had any issues with the vapor canister ? had a 2014 S the vapor canister went at 90,000... my 2017 xse had it replaced at 82,000 ish and now it went again at 99,500...
  11. Denis L'Heureux

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    it had 7 miles on it when i bought it new in 2017... lol
  12. Denis L'Heureux

    removal of the headlight housing on 2017 xse

    Anyone know how to remove the headlight housing on 2017 xse... i tried but it wont budge... I googled it and only saw 2016 and under... my passenger side, side marker light is out and i can't squeeze my hand to remove the bulb to change it.... i removed the top two bolts and it only wiggles...
  13. Denis L'Heureux

    Roof Racks

    So yea roof racks... lets say they tough as nails.... 1 in a billion shot.... hit at 65 mph, 30-40 pound turkey, crossbars and towers never budged... bike rack shifted a bit, but poor $4k bike took it like a champ....
  14. Denis L'Heureux

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    My 2014 had 6 miles on it, got rid of it March 2017 with 93,000 ish.... We got a 2017 xse with like 8 miles on it in March of 2017. Passed 73,000 not to long ago...
  15. Denis L'Heureux

    Pedal commander....

    i've read so much about it, heard so much about it, seen videos about it... anyone got it on the 17 xse? I like how peppy it is but will the pedal commander give me that extra... I am a die hard driver, off and on ramp circles at 50 to 60, 70 on country roads, I don't care about daily...
  16. Denis L'Heureux

    Not again...

    So took it to the dealer today, they ran the codes and it was the canister... They unkooked it and it was dripping water, they took it down and it was full of ice... They gonna replace for free thank god... New one comes with a water tight cover from what he said and admits it's a shitty...
  17. Denis L'Heureux

    How far has everyone gone with their Corolla?

    did you flip the pic or something, muff and gas door on the wrong side
  18. Denis L'Heureux

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    just passed 70k with my 2017 xse...
  19. Denis L'Heureux

    Aftermarket Wheel Size/Tire Size

    i run the firestone firehawk indy 500 215/45/17 for my summer tires... i been impressed by firestone tires lately... the ovals a all season or just summer tire? the 500's are so sticky and grippy.... fun tire....