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  1. echarleswhyte

    Oil Pan Drain Plug Washer

    no pictures, mine pan is the same as yours and I am 100% sure this is not the washer but there to provide a smooth surface to seal on. Once again I did not use a crush washer, honestly, I meant to buy one but we got a dump of snow and I have not left the house. I am sure I will have no issues...
  2. echarleswhyte

    Oil Pan Drain Plug Washer

    I will post pictures when I do mine. To be honest I would not 'chisel' anything to do with the oil pan, to me that is a recipe for disaster.
  3. echarleswhyte

    Oil Pan Drain Plug Washer

    honestly speaking, I have never replaced my crush washer. I have not had any issue at all with it. Oil has never leak out of the drain plug. I don't drive my car hard so I don't put a lot of stress on it. For some reason the more I read about it the more I am considering getting a new washer...
  4. echarleswhyte


    hello again to anyone that reads this thread. I have another update. I think it was before winter of 2019/2020 that I painted the center consol. I probably should have used charcoal colour but I did not want to drive around the city looking for it so I settled for flat black. I painted the HVAC...
  5. echarleswhyte

    A/c gets hot at idle

    I think it is normal for the air to be less cold when at a standstill, engine is at lower RPM thus making the compressor not turn as fast, however if the air is actually warm I would start by checking the state of the A/C gas charge, you may be low.
  6. echarleswhyte

    Accelaration issues.

    did you check spark plugs? clean mass air flow sensor? clean throttle body? Injectors may need to be cleaned. I would start with these simple steps first.
  7. echarleswhyte

    E140 License Plate Screw Size

    to be fair, my mistake as I think the bolts are nylon, not vinyl, but the idea behind it is that they don't rust, which in turn don't rust the holes in the trunk, which in turn don't rust in place.
  8. echarleswhyte

    E140 License Plate Screw Size

    how does vinyl rust?
  9. echarleswhyte

    2013 le tire issue

    As long as the same size tire is on the same "axle" then you are ok, however, as mentioned would be best to replace with proper OEM size all round. not sure how close you are to needing to replace them but it would be worth it. Having the wrong size tire will make your odometer read your speed...
  10. echarleswhyte

    2013 Toyota Corolla 1.8 manual swap

    I will start by saying I am no expert, however, the engine is the same between the two. The transmission changed from a 5 speed to a 6 speed. Will the six speed bolt up to the 2013 engine? I can't see why it would not, however there is likely software that would need to be updated or changed so...
  11. echarleswhyte

    1.8L oil filter type?

    to be honest. I have never changed the crush washer,, in the past it was because I never realized nor heard of it being a necessity. Presently I have not changed it because in my past experience I have never had oil leak from the drain plug, and no, I do not torque it tight or over tighten it...
  12. echarleswhyte

    Radio problem-2010 Corolla

    I have seen this video before. Honestly on my 2013 I have a quad 12 volt adapter plugged into my 12 volt outlet and I installed a double USB in the blank spot above the outlet. Mind you the only thing I have plugged in all the time is the dash cam, I don't use the USB ports or the other sockets...
  13. echarleswhyte

    Head unit

    that "smarty trend" unit is likely the same Chinese knock off you are trying to avoid.
  14. echarleswhyte

    2010 Corolla - thumping noise when turning to right

    yeah, who are you taking the car to? as mentioned that is the first taught to check the CV joint.
  15. echarleswhyte

    Need help with a 2010 Corolla trunk interior clips.

    I believe they are common called "christmas trees" as well
  16. echarleswhyte

    I'm thinking about getting a 2010 Toyota Corolla as my first car. Should I consider it?

    I don't get why most press diss the design of the 10th gen. Like you I also like the shape and design of it. I have the 1.8s with 5 speed and love it. No issues so far with it.
  17. echarleswhyte

    1.8L oil filter type?

    while not entirely sure, the rubber can degrade over time and that is the only thing that is keeping the oil form leaking out of the filer housing. As mentioned above, you have a new one that comes with the filter, 2 seconds to change it.
  18. echarleswhyte

    Hey from B.C.

    welcome from fellow BC'er
  19. echarleswhyte

    1999 corolla no headlight

    did you check the headlight bulbs? are they burnt out? it might be the switch itself.
  20. echarleswhyte

    All Weather Tires

    hello, not sure if you are asking opinions or not but I had a set of Hancock Optimo 4S that I purchased at Canadian Tire years ago. a few months ago I replaced them with the Nordman Solstice (they are a Nokian off brand tire that are a little less $$$). Where I live we don't deal with snow much...