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    2018 Corolla SE - Apple Car Play head unit

    Anyone have any recommendations for Apple Car Play head unit on a 2018 Corolla SE? I’d like to make sure the new head unit has all the same connections as the existing. My existing head unit is pictured below. Thanks in advance!
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    Full size spare tire

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    2018 Corolla SE, Daytime Running Light connector

    I am having trouble locating a replacement for the connector on my daytime running light on a 2018 corolla SE. Anyone know where I can get this?
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    Full size spare tire

    Hello! I have a very basic question about a full size spare tire. I have a 2018 Corolla SE with stock 215/45R17 tires. I’m trying to replace the doughnut spare with a full size spare. 1. What size rim do I need to buy? 2. Where is the cheapest place to get this rim? 3. Will the full size...
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    2018 Corolla price paid

    2018 Blue Crush Metallic Corolla SE with 6,341 miles. Price paid was $16,998 several days ago.