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    2015 LE rear skid plate/shield rusted remove or replace

    Got it put on the other day. Not too bad of a job. The diagram I was given at the dealership is wrong. Has 5 bolts holding it on not 4. Then the 4 bolts I had ordered from ToyotaPartsDeal were the wrong size.The bag had the same part number shown on the diagram. The existing bolts are like a M6...
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    2015 LE rear skid plate/shield rusted remove or replace

    Ended up going to local dealer here in SE NH. Part number 77641-02210, $213 but not in stock. Found online for same price, though some dealers charge the $303 list for it. sam
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    2015 LE rear skid plate/shield rusted remove or replace

    As the title says have a 2015 LE and the rear skid plate/shield has rusted and is hanging a bit on one side and rattles. As it covers the plastic gas tank I'd rather replace it than just yank it off. Can't seem to find one online though, is it a dealer only item? Sam
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    2015 L—Tranny Fluid

    Changing it now could cause issues as you are replacing now thicker fluid with new thinner fluid. If you are not having any issues I'd leave it alone. sam
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    MPG query

    Our 2015 LE gets 41 mpg for our combined city/highway. Has been that way since we bought it new April 2015. 46k miles on it now. sam
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    How many miles do you have so far??

    2015 LE CVT bought new March 2015. Just went over 46,000. Still on original brakes, combined city/hwy is 40MPG. Change the oil myself every 6 months, usually will have been 4k or so since previous change. Only dealer service was the CVT firmware update, waiting for them to get back to me about...
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    acts likes key is in & turned to ACC when solar battery tender is plugged itno power socket

    Have a 2015 Corolla LE, bought new, has 46,000 miles. As I'm going to be working from home for a while I got a couple solar battery tenders to put in the Corolla and our other car, 2015 Rav4 XLE. In the Corolla when I plug in the connector to the power socket the radio screen, the clock and...
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    Strange idle & transmission issues (15 le)

    Does it have the CVT transmission and have you had the firmware update done? sam
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    Are these brakes normal?

    My 2015 LE is 4 yrs old, has 40k miles on it. When I checked the brakes before I got it inspected in March it had easily 80% left on front pads and the rear shoes looked like new. I plan for my stops, do a mix of highway & city driving. sam
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    2015 Corolla LE Eco rear drums brakes clicking & clunking

    I would take it to either another dealer or a local mechanic. If a local mechanic have them document anything they find wrong and take it back to the dealer. And contact Toyota directly to complain. Sam
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    Why Did You Buy A Toyota Corolla?

    Just got a 2015 LE a few days ago. Coming from a 2005 Hyundai Elantra w/164k on it and likely needing a clutch. Couldn't see spending $1500+ for a clutch repair on a car barely worth $1000. Wanted something with a great reliability record and all my research led me to the Corolla. Got a fair...