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    @Joe smith Did you figure this out? Thanks!
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    Best oil to use for 2001 corolla..?

    5W-30 full synthetic year round, even if you get snow...
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    2000 Corolla Mobil1 oil?

    Interesting... Thanks, I'll check into it at the dealer. But I'm in Kalifornia, so may not be able to do anything that will mess with emissions... Also, aftermarket reflash shows up on inspection and they'll fail you for it.
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    2000 Corolla Mobil1 oil?

    Thanks for the info - What does the ECU reflash do? (I know what a reflash is, but how does it help). Cheers.
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    What Size Windshield Sunshade ?

    908 views and not a single response?? I guess no one uses a sunshade...
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    What Size Windshield Sunshade ?

    What size sun shade for a 2001 Corolla? Anyone put one in the rear window ? Or just tint? Thanks
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    2000 Corolla Mobil1 oil?

    Just put M1 HM 5w30 in my new-to-me 2001 with only 75K miles as I read it has more of the sludge buster stuff than the regular flavor. My thinking was it could help with the piston ring issue... Too early to tell anything, but it runs great. :D
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    New Member 2001 Corolla Questions

    Hello, New Member with a new to me 2001 Corolla LE Auto USA 1ZZ-FE engine 70K miles (mother-in-laws, now mine). Trying to find small bits like PCV valve and Spark plugs and Toyota often lists two different parts for this engine with no explanation why the difference, even when I input the VIN...