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    Weather Tech Floormats and K&N Filter For new model Corolla

    Hey guys i just recently traded in my 2015 corolla s plus and i have a some used weatherteh floormats for the front two seats and the back seat. They are in great shape had them for about 9 months. $125 I have a K&N filter that was well maintained, washed and oiled, if you buy the floormats ill...
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    Driver Side Seatbelt Squeak 2015

    I already asked the dealership that. They said no because there's no suspicion of it needing to be replaced.
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    Driver Side Seatbelt Squeak 2015

    It squeaks when I'm driving! So obnoxious. They sprayed the lubricant inside of the actual buckle. And it worked for about 2 days, but than it went back to squeaking.
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    Driver Side Seatbelt Squeak 2015

    I've had my car for a year and my driver side seatbelt squeaks when I'm driving near the buckle when it is in the buckle. Dealership has lubricated it with a heavy version of WD-40, the noise came back in a couple days. I've sprayed it with wd-40 a couple times! Any idea on how to permanently...