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  1. DjAnnexAlpha

    Questions about lowering my 2014 Toyota Corolla S

    I went with 9th gen Tein S Tech Lowering springs. Only issue was I had to get the spring seats from a 9th gen rolla. Lowered the car a good 2.5"-3" all around. Got rid of the wheel gap and such. I made a thread on Check it out a lot of the members there posted up pics with the...
  2. DjAnnexAlpha

    Universal Lowering Kit

    No way mate. Do NOT go with a universal suspension kit unless you have extensive knowledge making parts fit and such. There are plenty of online solutions to lower your corolla/IM. A lot of things are taken into account such as the drop, spring rate, dampening, etc., into making a spring for a...
  3. DjAnnexAlpha

    LED Tail Lights!!!!

    Hey, yeah. I was the one who found the tail lights and posted them to TN. Kudos on finding the headlights. Would like a blacked out version but these should be easier to bake apart than the oem ones.
  4. DjAnnexAlpha

    Recommanded gear box

    Uh huh... Are you referring to the CVT, Automatic, or Manual Transmission? If thats the case, CVT for mpg. Manual for performance mods and such.
  5. DjAnnexAlpha

    For all you hood scoop guys...

    There was a member who made custom fiberglass extraction vents. looked really good.
  6. DjAnnexAlpha

    For all you hood scoop guys...

    Jesus christ, that corolla must have one hell of an intercooler to need that much air induction ;)
  7. DjAnnexAlpha

    Experimenting with LED's

    I can dig it. Got some close ups of how you ran the wires inside?
  8. DjAnnexAlpha

    Trd lug nuts?!?

    That might've been me. I did hear it from a parts rep at a Toyota dealership. The mechanic confirmed it and said its better for the warranty to buy TRD.
  9. DjAnnexAlpha


    Thanks for that. I am working on a few things, I got my 3D printer up and running so that will help a lot. Ive been busier and busier at work lately, before I would work M-F 10-5, now its M-F 8:30-5, and sometimes weekends. I will have some amazing new stuff coming. Stay...tuned...
  10. DjAnnexAlpha


    That is a good question. I know the luxury brands have the canbus errors and notify you if a bulb is out...(I think)
  11. DjAnnexAlpha

    Crap situation... My loss your gain?

    Sorry to hear about the rolla. How much are you selling them for?
  12. DjAnnexAlpha

    Pictures from Comic Con

    @Scott Lakin did you plasti-dip the car then apply vinyl?
  13. DjAnnexAlpha

    Possibly the most nit-picky thing I'll ever post.

    You can't replace the cover, its all one piece as far as I know and the pictures I have seen of the airbag being deployed. If you want to try to buff it out, pull the airbag fuse give it about 10-15 minutes then buff.
  14. DjAnnexAlpha

    Plasti dip

    I have seen a few people plastidip the engine bay but it also depends on the location. I live in South Florida so the summer heat would beat the plastidip and it might start to burn during normal operation. I plastidipped the DC Sport Resonated tip I bolted onto my exhaust and it started coming...
  15. DjAnnexAlpha

    Amazon hood scoop perfect for 11th gen Corolla??!

    Good god people. OP, just do the sensible thing. Get a replacement hood from eBay without it being painted, install whichever hood scoop you want(be wary of the effect it will have on MPG), paint new hood, install hood. Now you have the OEM hood, and you have a hood you can swap when you decide...
  16. DjAnnexAlpha

    Best corolla hood scoop!!????!

    Awesome, how do you route the water away from the internals?
  17. DjAnnexAlpha

    Best corolla hood scoop!!????!

    They look good. Were they a custom fiberglassing job? Are they functional?
  18. DjAnnexAlpha

    Best corolla hood scoop!!????!

    Wow that looks amazing. Would be insane if the hood scoops were functional.
  19. DjAnnexAlpha

    Front Lips and Rear Diffusers

    Most people get the home depot garage door liner for the front and side skirts. As far as rear diffusers, I saw a member make some himself. Looked great, forgot the member name and forgot to ask for underbody pics though.
  20. DjAnnexAlpha

    Best corolla hood scoop!!????!

    Would be nice to see some links or pics...