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  1. Re1mann

    TransUnion deceased?

    I was in a pretty sticky situation when my credit report labeled me deceased and as a result every one of my cards were closed. It all happened during my vacation when I was in another country and I couldn't contact anyone to solve the problem. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use my...
  2. Re1mann

    Guys! i got a job at Toyota :) DTLA

    Congratulations on your new job at Toyota of Downtown LA! That's awesome news! I can sense your excitement, and I'm really happy for you.
  3. Re1mann

    Road Trip. What’s the furthest any of you drove your corolla? How many miles on a road trip?

    Congratulations on your new job and upcoming move to California! Road trips can be a lot of fun and a great way to explore different places along the way. With your reliable car, new tires, brakes, and recent oil change, you should be all set for the 2,600-mile journey. And if you're interested...
  4. Re1mann

    My mum wont stop (gambling)

    So sorry for your situation. How's it going?
  5. Re1mann

    Racing games

    Well, I'm kind of an old thug. My favorite racing game is Need for Speed Most Wanted. It is the original game, not the pile of dogshit that we got in 2012. If talking about modern-day games, the best one has to be Forza Horizon. I haven't yet played Forza Horizon 5. However, I spent more than...
  6. Re1mann

    Home air conditioning

    Having a conditioner at home is a total must-have. I simply have a question. Why do they break down so fast and so often? I had to change about three or four air conditioners because I thought the problem was with the company I was buying them from, but I was wrong. After some adventures with...
  7. Re1mann

    Bike rack for '19 and newer Corolla hatchback?

    A few weeks ago I went with my friends to rest at nature. We all took our bikes, and decided to do a marathon. The problem was that the sun went down very quickly. I was lucky that a few days before I ordered some lights for my bike...
  8. Re1mann

    Racing games

    Thx for the tip! I'll think about it!
  9. Re1mann

    Racing games

    I loved FallOut 2 as a kid, I played this game every day. I'm 36 years old now and not so long ago I started playing Minecraft with my children and I really liked it. I decided to open my server and do tests and races on it similar to Fall Out 2. because of this mod, my Minecraft server hosting...
  10. Re1mann

    Racing games

    Well, the last racing game I played was NFS, lol. I found this a little ironic. Despite the fact that I'm a Corolla forum user, I prefer other type of games. Usually it's shooters. Like Overwatch, for example. Overwatch is one of my favorite games. I play it when I have a free time. But I don't...
  11. Re1mann

    Solar powered water pump

    I'm not quite sure. Never had experience with water pumps..
  12. Re1mann


    Ahah, I can’t say that I am an expert in this topic, but I know that any narcotic substances are very harmful. Yes, CBD is not as harmful as heroin, but it is canabidiol and in any case it kills your nerve cells. I just don’t understand why to ruin my health. I used to smoke cigarettes but then...
  13. Re1mann

    front and back end creaking sound

    I also have this problem and I don't know how to solve it. A friend of mine recently repaired his car at the Convenient Quality Repair Service and said that the staff work very well and provide high quality services. I tried to address them and it can really help you with any problem with your...
  14. Re1mann

    front and back end creaking sound

    Did you solve the sound problem?
  15. Re1mann

    My mum wont stop (gambling)

    I see that you don't like when someone is gambling. I think it depends on your psychological view of the situation (because I believe that you would like to gamble but society says that it is not a good thing). This is a problem which generates a lot of different problems. So if you want you can...
  16. Re1mann

    Hi from Isle of Wight

    Hello,you're welcome