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    AUX and USB ports are not working.

    Have a 2017 Corolla just a great piece of JUNK before was loyal to TOYOTA now will not even look at it ( the USB NEVER WORKED) had the whole bunch of other MAYOR FLUKES with this car so I switch MAKER went HONDA and I am a happy camper
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    Free Corolla Owners Manuals and Technical Data

    If TOYOTA will straitened the so called TECH SUPPORT DEPARTMENT and IMPROVED their warranties with the dealers, will be great because last 2017 Corolla that bought is a JUNK PIECE OF ART, they forced me to go HONDA after 30 plus years of loyalty
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    toyota corolla what do you think

    Do not know about TOYOTA any more have had Camry's, corollas, matrix, but my last 2017 corolla is JUST a piece of JUNK took to PENSKY DOWNEY TOYOTA since first month with a “Noise” in front tires, steering wheel, and not shifting properly, to the surprise that the so called TECHNICIANS at this...