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    CVT Maintenance

    50K in 6 months?? Come on now, really? Sorry, just too hard to believe.
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    Audio/Entune Problem: Horrible Audio on 2015 Corolla

    Wow, you are being WAY to picky! This is a budget, economy car!!
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    Those odd looking cut outs in under the front bumper??

    Hi, Can anyone where please explain the reason or the significance of those two weird looking u shaped cut out that are right under the front bumper?? To me, if looks very strange and just wondering exactly what they are?
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    New member in Central NJ seriously consider Corolla!

    Hi, My name is Michael and I just joined and live in Central NJ. I am seriously considering trading in my MINT 2013 Honda Civic for a 2015 Corolla LE Premium or the ECO, still debating on which model. The Civic has been ok, but I just cant adjust to that weird and goofy two teir dash! For...
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    Can you really tell difference from Eco to LE?

    Hi, I am seriously considering purchasing the 2015 Corolla in either the ECO trim or the LE Premium. I was wondering if the ECO with the 8 more HP at 140 is noticeable at all from the LE with the 132hp?? Thanks! Michael in NJ