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  1. ToyBoy

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    On my 2014 Corolla I have 640,000 miles. (minus a 0 ) . :rolleyes:
  2. ToyBoy

    Auto shut off. 2020 Toyota

    Auto-shut off , I don`t need it and wouldn`t want it.
  3. ToyBoy

    Low coolant

    That coolant should be fine.
  4. ToyBoy


    Good picture, I really like that. Good job.
  5. ToyBoy


    A red wheel on a white car would be a nice choice.
  6. ToyBoy


    Have you got a close up picture ? I`m wondering if painting the entire wheel re would be better.m
  7. ToyBoy

    Where is the best place to install deer whistles?

    On the wife or girlfriend. When they are coming toward you say"Is that you deer?"
  8. ToyBoy

    OW SAE 16

    I buy my oil at Walmart but I haven`t noticed a 0-16w oil yet. I have a very close dealer by me and buy oil filters there , price is good and they are Toyota brand. I do find air filters and cabin filters real cheap on Ebay and because they are so cheap I just replace them every year even though...
  9. ToyBoy

    OW SAE 16

    On my 2014 Toyota recommends 0-20w oil . I stick with that. Does Toyota recommend 0-16w on the 2020 Corolla?
  10. ToyBoy

    New 2020 Corolla

    All my jabbering with my big mouth about cars big mouth said, I would not hesitate to by a Corolla or Camry.
  11. ToyBoy

    New 2020 Corolla

    Also , wouldn`t the "big Mouth" trap more air and lessen your gas mileage? I know in the past car makers would try and design bodies to be air resistant to create better gas mileage.
  12. ToyBoy

    New 2020 Corolla

    I don`r really like the big mouth on the newer cars both Corolla and Camry. They serve no purpose and don`t look as good .
  13. ToyBoy

    2019 Corolla LE backup camera has poor resolution

    That is how my screen looks if I`m backing up in the pitch black at my night job at work. If I leave when the parking lot lights are still on the view is ok.
  14. ToyBoy

    floor mats

    Woops ! I meant Maxliner floor mats.
  15. ToyBoy

    floor mats

    I bought the Smartliner mats instead of WeatherTech and saved a nice sum of money . They are holding up very well.
  16. ToyBoy

    floor mats

    Be careful when putting your drivers side floor mat in that you don`t put it over the gas pedal.
  17. ToyBoy

    Oil change frequency

    With your usage I think a year would be no problem.
  18. ToyBoy

    Corolla to rav4

    If I were to go to an SUV I think the RAV4 would be my 1st choice.
  19. ToyBoy


    You can buy a arm rest pad that straps to the center armrest off Ebay for about $6 but for the door armrest I don`t know what can be done.
  20. ToyBoy

    Transmission fluid change

    Here is my bill, ootoztflush default 700099 CSTO $9.96 LCT LABOR COUPON TOYOTA -$17.95 1 3183 BG CVT CUBE $175.00 1 6610 CVT FLUSHKIT $35.04 PARTS: $210.04 LABOR $9.96 OTHER - $17.95 TOTAL LINE A $202.05 LABOR AMOUNT 9.96 PARTS AMOUNT 210.04 MISC . CHARGES -14.70 TOTAL...