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  1. ToyBoy

    Help new car!!!

    I live real close to a Corolla Dealer but I never see any new Corollas on the lot.
  2. ToyBoy


    300,000 miles wow !
  3. ToyBoy

    Need help with splash guards

    I don`t have splash guards but they should help keep your car cleaner. Good luck.
  4. ToyBoy

    Brake Costs

    What have you guys paid someone for a brake job? Front or Rear or both.
  5. ToyBoy

    Corolla Head Gasket Decision

    Here is my head gasket . :D
  6. ToyBoy

    2013 Corolla - AC never gets cold

    Try this car. :D
  7. ToyBoy

    How can fuel consumption be reduced?

    Drive softly and try to hit lights on green so you don`t have to stop and go all the time.
  8. ToyBoy

    How many miles do you have so far??

    My 2014 just turned 78,000 miles . I have a visit to a car dealer shop today for a transmision fluid change .
  9. ToyBoy

    Road Trip. What’s the furthest any of you drove your corolla? How many miles on a road trip?

    With the gas prices I avoid real long rides. :confused:
  10. ToyBoy

    Need gift ideas-Hexautoparts starer any good ?

    :D I already have a bobble head , I carry it on top my shoulders . :D
  11. ToyBoy

    Buy Real Driver's License Online

    I was on a bike ride a few days ago and lost my wallet that had the drivers license in it . I live about a mile away from the place to order a new license and did that today.
  12. ToyBoy

    Help new car!!!

    I have a 2014 Corolla . If I ever get a new car it will likely be a Corolla.
  13. ToyBoy

    serpentine belt

    My 2014 Corolla has 96000 miles . It is recommended to change a serpentine belt from 60 to 100k miles . I just had mine done from my car dealer today. It cost me $140 . That is what I expected after searching on the internet for what dealers were charging.
  14. ToyBoy

    2016 Toyota Corolla Door Locks Customization

    Thanks , I didn`t know about this.
  15. ToyBoy

    Evap/charcoal canister

    My engine light has not come on , on my 2014 Corolla. But I probably can`t help anyway.
  16. ToyBoy

    Issue with evap codes

    I have a 2014 Corolla LE and have had no issues.
  17. ToyBoy

    Crypto for international transactions

    I just buy local stores.
  18. ToyBoy

    Oil Changes

    My Spring oil change will be in the next few weeks. I got the filters ready but need to pick up some 0-20W oil.
  19. ToyBoy

    How far do you travel?

    Well my travel today because of decent weather was 22 mile ride on the bicycle . :)