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    Looking to buy a 2007 Corolla hatchback - advice ?

    Your defiantly not in the on state-side (USA) o_O. 1.) If you find a Corolla w/ 2zz motor, that extra power will make a big difference. 2.) Is this the 3zz motor? 3.) The only thing that cause major failure to my Corolla was all the useless aftermarket parts i put on my Corolla. 4.) I work on...
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    O2 sensors in 2005

    you have 2.. upper stream 02 in on your header and down stream o2 in between your catalytic converter
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    Exhaust or intake noise

    Replace the exhaust manifold. Be careful not to strip the up stream o2 sensor and use new OEM header gasket and donut gasket. DON'T you liquid or gasket maker
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    2008 Corolla blower

    I have an 08 Corolla too.. stupid dealership... The was a major change 2008 for Toyota Corolla.. 2008 was their introduction of the 10th Gen Corolla. So, they are selling parts for the 10th Gen Corolla. You need to quote them an 2002-2005 or 2007 Corolla for parts related.
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    2008 Toyota Corolla with a Lexus blower from the factory???

    Have you remove you stock Blower and check? This gen Corolla's parts cover a whole lot of other Toyota cars.. :eek: Matrix, Vibe, Celica, TC, and even Lexus..
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    where do we post for sale ads? thinking about selling my 05 xrs?

    I would try posting it on Facebook's marketplace ;)
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    Clicking noise please help diagnose

    I would check the header's head shield, make sure it has not lose. It almost sound like one of injection coil is about to go out..
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    ECM Troubles!

    There was continuation of mass recall on the ECU from Toyota 5 years ago (air bag & emission). Try hitting up your local junk yard. The last big mod for this GEN corolla was the Corolla Matrix XRS's ECU swap.. but those tuners are all gone now :(
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    If you like that.. look into a Pedal Commander
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    Ebay Turbo Kit

    it's not that simple.. :eek: Turbo project is an investment.. not a cheap thrill (unless you don't care long term). I would recommend getting a leak down and compression test.. just get to know your current motor 1st...
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    Lowering the 04

    I wouldn't waste money on springs. Save up $$$ and get yourself entry level coilovers.
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    New Tires for 06 S

    I would just get what affordable and realistic to your budget. I keep in mind.. winter is coming ;)
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    Random miss fire codes..

    This gen corolla is very picky on certain spark plugs and ignition coils. What brand are you using?
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    2008 Corolla CE horn feedback when locking not working

    Clean your fuses again w/ some CRC Quick Dry Electronic Cleaner. Disconnect your horn and clean connection w/ CRC Quick Dry Electronic Cleaner. Your last option is to replace your "Spiral Cable Clock". Beware.. there are 2 different version for this gen Corolla.
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    Best Corolla year

    North America 2005-2006 Corolla XRS (feature a 2zz motor) - Sleeper Sport model.. most owners whom owns this model don't even know it 2002-2008 Corolla CE, LE, and S (feature 1zz motor w/ TRD Supercharger) is the UNICORN! 2002-2008 Corolla S is the-end sport/trim level will have the lip kit and...
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    Corolla 2004 Leaking like a b*#ch. Need your advise

    Get some Purple Power Degreaser and clean down the engine bay. I would do the valve cover gasket too (start there).
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    Water on spark plug misfire.

    What are the condition of your spark plugs?
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    Hello and Welcome!
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    What maintenance & checks are needed for 2007 Corolla S with 124K miles?

    I would clean the battery terminal. Then clean the MAF sensor (use the correct cleaning solution). Check and replace the pvc valve. Get your alternator and battery tested. Get run a OBD scan and see if you have any codes.
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    aftermarket grill

    Okay! The 2000 to 2002 North America Corolla with the new front end facelift. You will need search within those years for an aftermarket grill. Or get an OEM grill and modify it (search Youtube to get an idea) I personal think you have one of best front-end for a Corolla (love the headlights)...