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  1. echarleswhyte

    Winters tires and rims for 2009 Corolla B.C. Canada

    All you have to do is plug in the info on the website. As an example, Canadian Tire. Select tires, it will ask for make model and year and trim then it will give you the size. If you select the CE as trim it will give you size of the 15 inch tire. You can also do it as a package, rim and tire...
  2. echarleswhyte

    Trunk lid

    wrecker or a pick and pull. will be hard to find a perfect match in paint though.
  3. echarleswhyte

    Worn Out Windshield Wiper Assembly?

    I don't know about changing just the spring, I'm sure it could be done. Would have to be careful as it would be under tension. As far as the spring itself I don't imagine Toyota would have it listed and it would likely be easier to replace the whole are as stvotw mentioned. if you remove the...
  4. echarleswhyte

    Which oil and oil grade should i use in my brand new xli?

    read your manual that is in the glove box, it will tell you. Also the top of the oil cap will likely have the viscosity grade on it..
  5. echarleswhyte

    First Toyota LEMON I've ever seen ...

    My bad, I meant serpentine belt is what I replaced.
  6. echarleswhyte

    First Toyota LEMON I've ever seen ...

    2009 is the first year of the 10 gen (in North America) and the first year of a generation will likely have some issues, and the 2009 had some. I myself drive the last year of the 10th gen, 2013, and all I have done is regular oil changes and filter changes. I have a manual and have changed the...
  7. echarleswhyte

    What is this part?

    Did she run over something? It looks like part of the attachment for the lower sill for the S model. It seems something got caught on it and pulled it loose. surprised it did not rip off. Should be able to push it back up in place and re-attach. Might need new plastic fasteners.
  8. echarleswhyte


    Well, I was back at it again. Very simple 10 minute mod. I have had a three plug external accessory for years now, I just had it coming out of the socket as pictured. After I recently painted the silver pieces we did a short road trip and the paint did not have time to fully cure and the cord...
  9. echarleswhyte

    The Transmission MYSTERY?!

    personally I would get it diagnosed. You don't have to do it at the dealer, a reputable shop should do, try as transmission shop. If diagnosed then you know what is wrong instead of dropping money on parts that are not needed. if you watch south main auto on you tube many things he fixes are...
  10. echarleswhyte

    2020 Toyota Corolla Mud Flap Install

    I don't have instructions but I have put mud flaps on cars before. I've only installed after market mud flaps on cars and I had to drill holes but in the plastic bumper not the metal fender, I don't like to drill holes in my metal. From what I can tell if you got original flaps then they should...
  11. echarleswhyte

    Can gear shift labels be illuminated in Corolla 2013?

    from what I can see there is a bulb to the left of the shifter. this link show how to take the console around the...
  12. echarleswhyte


    The white Flexidip paint I used on the center console and clock surround started to peel in some places. When I peeled it off the original colour was distorted a bit, I knew it would bug me and I needed to take car of it, and that gave me an excuse to take care of the blemish I left on the...
  13. echarleswhyte

    Hybrid delivery

    I would imagine supply and demand. Here in North America it is the first time for a Corolla Hybrid but they have been sold elsewhere for some time. I don't know for certain but I would think the hybrid we get is made in the same factory the rest of the world gets.
  14. echarleswhyte

    Driving with hand brakes on

    only 15 meters likely will not do anything to the transmission. would wear the rear brakes a bit but that is about it.
  15. echarleswhyte

    High start...!!!

    what do you mean high start? RPM's are high? If that is the case I would start with the basics, check air filter, clean MAF sensor and clean intake. IF that does not help then maybe the MAF needs to be replaced.
  16. echarleswhyte

    Rear View Mirror GPLS/Camera Help

    what year car you have? you can read my thread about my install, honestly it is not that hard, I just followed the wire loom that is already there.
  17. echarleswhyte

    Rear View Mirror GPLS/Camera Help

    Depends on where you are in Canada. Where I am in BC there are no inspections. I believe in Ontario there is an annual inspection. I like the install, I have a thread of the install I did but I have the stock screen that I could use. I personally don't like removing things, specially when it...
  18. echarleswhyte


    I have been at it again. I still have felt sheets left and the intermittent rattle from the centre console (next to my leg) never went away. I took it apart and while there is a strip of insulation on each side it does not stretch the length of the console. I stuck some felt ahead of the gear...
  19. echarleswhyte

    Should I have a new clutch installed in my 2012 Corolla CE with manual transmission?

    If you like the care then yes it is worth it. I have a 2013 manual and love it. Corollas should last for a very long time.
  20. echarleswhyte

    Where to buy these lights?

    online. but why? when you put it in reverse it will be red.