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  1. NebulaCorolla


    I have a 2017 Corolla SE CVT with just shy of 122k miles, mainly all highway with like 4 months I was doing Uber, no major issues at all. To date I’ve replaced the CVT fluid twice, coolant, tons of oil of course and a front left wheel bearing. I am going to do brakes and spark plugs soon. Great...
  2. NebulaCorolla


    At my Toyota Dealership in Columbus it was $250
  3. NebulaCorolla

    CVT Transmission Question

    Hello, I have a 2016 Corolla LE and I noticed their is a metallic "Ping" when I put the car in reverse or sometimes when I accelerate. I have a video I can try to upload, No issues otherwise at all with the car. Just wanting to see if anyone else has heard this. I don’t hear it all the time...
  4. NebulaCorolla


    I take my 2016 to the dealer every 50-60K miles and just bite the bullet and get is replaced. I'm at 71000 miles and no issues so far
  5. NebulaCorolla

    Jerky Transmission 2020 Corolla LE

    It happens to my 2016 Corolla CVT too. It’s not violent or anything. But my 2009 Corolla used to hate lower speeds lol
  6. NebulaCorolla

    HeadLight replacement

    Hello everyone! I have a 2016 Corolla LE and I haven’t had a single issues with the LED headlights. I just wanted to see how much other people have paid to replace them once they got a out headlight. Or if maybe they never go out I’m just not used to LED
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    Post your ride!

  8. NebulaCorolla

    Post your ride!

  9. NebulaCorolla

    Current Corolla MPG

    Hello everyone, I wanted to see what most people are averaging MPG. I know the EPA estimates 29 City 37 Highway and 32 average. I’m getting around 40 average and I do accelerate gently but I wouldn’t say I’m a grandma driver. Wanting to see what everyone else is getting
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    Just over 40850 miles with no issues!
  11. NebulaCorolla

    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    I’ve owned two Corollas A 2009 Corolla LE I had this until I wrecked it at 98000 miles, only issues I had was the Alternator and Sway bars were replaced. Finally died after slamming it into a gard rail I currently has a 2016 Corolla LE with 40000 miles and have had no problems so far and I...