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  1. J

    New here. Joined for help on recent issues with 2009 Corolla

    As soon as the check engine light come on, the car automatically disables the VSC and Traction Control system. As soon as you clear the Check Engine light the VSC and Traction Control system re enables
  2. J

    Need help diagnosing problem

    I had this issue also after replacing reverse lights, check all the fuses, if all the fuses are ok, then just take it to the dealer because I had issues with the fuse box burning up cables which caused the alternator not to charge the battery and have all those lights on. Start with checking all...
  3. J

    Starter squeals briefly when starting.......?

    Yea, mine also makes a weird grinding noise the second it starts. Thought it was a problem until I heard it on my uncles 2010 Corolla.
  4. J

    2009 Toyota Corolla losing coolant.

    It doesn't lose much. It may take like a month to drain out the coolant overflow tank. Will keep an eye under the car but I haven't seen any spots on the ground.
  5. J

    2009 Toyota Corolla losing coolant.

    Hello all, I gave a 2009 toyota corolla with about 56,000 miles and it seems to lose coolant. It's not losing much but I just wonder what is causing that. Thanks JP