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  1. Donabed Kopoian

    EBC Stage 5 Kit Front and Rear Brakes

    Here they are! Can't wait until I can bed them in and see their potential. One thing, if you do this install, get the special tool for rear calipers piston compression (they sell them at O'Reillys and mount to a 3/8" ratchet), mount the hardware without the rotor and pads, then, while squeezing...
  2. Donabed Kopoian

    VLEDS LMZ 3000 Lumen 9006 LED Low Beam Kit

    So I installed these on my girl's 2010 Corolla since I got a whopping 14 months out of the set of Silverstar Ultras that were in there before. I knew it was risky, but I decided to take a gamble on them anyway. Pros: 1. They are bright! 2. They're not that ugly yellow 3. They throw light...
  3. Donabed Kopoian

    VLEDS LMZ 4500 Lumen 9005 High Beam LED Kit

    Sorry, I lack an install guide, but if you follow the directions provided, it is pretty straight forward. My alignment was 4 full turns up from bottom out, LED orientation at left|right To get the driver side in, I had to remove the battery bracket and tilt the battery out of the way, install...
  4. Donabed Kopoian

    LED Turn Signals, TRD Exhaust, TRD Rear Sway Bar

    LED Turn signals are still a work in progress, but I will get those updated when I can (waiting on new sockets since I barely have enough wire to work with - that and the vampire clips that came with the load resistors are the wrong gauge. Instead, I will remove the old sockets and solder in...
  5. Donabed Kopoian

    Touch-Up Paint

    So I had a few scratches on my 2014 Corolla S, as well as some stone chips that were driving me nuts. I found a pretty good method for using touch-up paint and having it come out well. This is what I did. 1. If the paint is peeling at the chip (likely) or the scratch, very quickly go over...
  6. Donabed Kopoian

    Who the hell...

    ... decided to put the PCV Valve UNDER THE INTAKE MANIFOLD? On the 1ZZ-FE it was a 10 minute job!
  7. Donabed Kopoian

    Detailed and Done!

  8. Donabed Kopoian

    Had My First Glitch of the Car.

    So I stalled the car at a light that turned green, started the engine back up and made my left turn, and my EPS light stayed on for a minute before it shut off. Never went back on in subsequent starts, had full steering the entire time the light was on, wondering if the steering wheel doesn't...
  9. Donabed Kopoian

    Come On College Graduation!!!
  10. Donabed Kopoian

    Cabin Air Filter

    Fram has a Fresh Breeze cabin air filter for our 2014 (didn't show up on the FreshBreeze url but came up in the general Fram website). Uses carbon as well as baking soda to eliminate odors too...
  11. Donabed Kopoian

    Got My 5k Service Done

    So, no, they cannot modify the threshold that causes hyper flash. Looks like I'm buying a junk instrument cluster to experiment on. They also didn't change my blinks from 3 to 7 (I think the guy was confusing that request with changing the threshold for LEDs), but I will bring in the manual...
  12. Donabed Kopoian

    Chain Driven or Belt Driven Camshafts?

    Found this beauty on Toyota's website.
  13. Donabed Kopoian

    How To Properly Shift A Car

    I see many drivers that use a stickshift but lack basic shifting technique. They tend to claw the shifter and use their wrist to switch gears, and these are the drivers that will end up missing a shift during a race (3rd to 2nd shift + 80 m.p.h. = BOOM). This is how I grip the shifter. Notice...
  14. Donabed Kopoian

    How to Teach a New Driver a Stickshift Transmission

    Here is a how-to video on teaching a manual transmission to a new driver or driver that hasn't experienced the joy of one. The video is still processing (it's over a gig) so it should be live around 6:00 a.m. PST I mentioned in the 2014 Forum that I taught my niece...
  15. Donabed Kopoian

    Clutch Appears To Be Pretty Strong ... As Well As The Transmission

    Took my 10 year old niece to an empty parking lot. The clutch and the trasmission held up pretty good to a new manual driver, LOL! My better half did roast it a little bit though :-\
  16. Donabed Kopoian

    It Looks Like You Can LED Every Bulb After All.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I found this while lollygagging online LED High Beams FTW!!! $200 though ... but I suppose that is equivalent to about 3.5 sets of Silverstar ZXE, and these will definitely last a hell of a...
  17. Donabed Kopoian

    Bluetooth OBD-II Scanner

    I had it on my Matrix and moved it into my Corolla when I traded the Matrix in. I paid $150 for it but Amazon has it on sale for $100. I use this...
  18. Donabed Kopoian

    Nokya LED NOK9618 Full Install

    So tools you will need include some double-sided tape, a Phillips screwdriver (or a 10mm socket and ratchet, preferably in 1/4" drive so you don't over-torque any of the body bolts) and nails (or a flathead screwdriver if you just cut yours). This is the box that you'll get And this is the...
  19. Donabed Kopoian

    Asking for Help

    There have been several people on this forum that ask for help. As an experienced mechanic and a car enthusiast, I enjoy helping people out, and have no problem taking time out of my day to help people out on their cars, just as other people have helped me out in the event that I get stuck (it...
  20. Donabed Kopoian

    LED Fog Lights - I Might Give Them a Try

    These work with 2014 Osram H16 type bulbs. They use 10 Watts each (opposed to the stock 19 Watt bulbs), and are supposedly designed to specifically have the fog light beam pattern. They are also yellow, which is great. They are expensive, I hate how a box needs to be mounted (this could be...