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    ebay car :)
  2. kjh07144


    mine is 40k 2014 corolla. I need to drive more lol.
  3. kjh07144

    So I need to change my 2014 Corolla S WINDSHIELD

    how much should I spend on it? the cheapest I can find on the front windshield was like $140. How much should I spend on it
  4. kjh07144

    whats the pink fluid? 2014 corolla S plus

    yes please. okay thank you for the help. I will purchase one and just fill it up
  5. kjh07144

    whats the pink fluid? 2014 corolla S plus

    Its in front of the engine and its getting really low. Question is. Do I need to do a complete flush like the engine oil or can I just purchase it and add more to it and where can I purchase it thank you. the image attached is just a reference. ase it and add more into it.
  6. kjh07144

    Borla Exhaust on a 2017 LE problems?

    you installed it wrong. its suppose to be flush
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    just buy a car with 5 speed.
  8. kjh07144

    Services 2014 Corolla

    thanks guys!
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    Looking for stock '15 corolla alloy wheels

    sorry for late reply, I decided to keep it
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    Services 2014 Corolla

    Hey guys, I am almost on my 40k on my 2014 corolla s. I did oil changes every 10k miles and just recently changed my tires. What else should I look out for? I did my air cabin filter and engine filter at around 20k. Thanks in advance!
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    2017 LE Interior Rattles?

    this post shall not die
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    For Sale - 2015 Corolla S Plus

    u should be ban
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    Beeping noise

  14. kjh07144

    Brand new front floor mats for a '15 Corolla for sale

    how much did u sell it for
  15. kjh07144

    Looking for stock '15 corolla alloy wheels

    if your still looking i have a 2014 model with 500 miles on the tire. willing to let it go for $600
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    The new 2020 Corolla hybrid.

    wtf i didnt get a hat when i bought mine
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    geico also where do you live?