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    2012 Corolla L - What did I miss when installing this door lock actuator?

    It's possible that the key fob is malfunctioning or that the unlock button is broken. Try the lock, trunk release, or panic buttons. If all of the other buttons work, the issue is most likely a faulty unlock button. The power door locks may not unlock due to a malfunction in the wiring or...
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    The prices are growing.
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    Bluetooth iPhone

    Well, you should visit a service center and I am sure you will fix your problem there, but who knows how much it will cost, that is why first of all try to identify the problem. Actually it is pretty easy, just connect another phone to your car, and watch how it works. If nothing changes, then...
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    Can I save money on an exhaust repair?

    Where can I find some more feedback?
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    Hello,welcome to a gang