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  1. Donabed Kopoian

    Nokya LED NOK9618 Full Install

    I haven't noticed that issue with mine. I've had mine for several years now and both of them appear to output the same light as before. Reach out to the vendor. They should do something about it. Hopefully they send you the second generation kit which is supposed to be brighter.
  2. Donabed Kopoian

    Corolla GTI Concept

    They better make it in a stickshift or I give up
  3. Donabed Kopoian

    Anyone else feel a bit of an understeer in their Corolla?

    Are you kidding? The understeer on the stock suspension is horrible. I got the TRD rear sway bar and that alone made a huge difference. Car has a very slight oversteer with it and it made cornering a lot better
  4. Donabed Kopoian

    fog light connector

    You can jack up at the tow hook. The manual demonstrates this. You just have to be careful about the bolts.
  5. Donabed Kopoian

    Slammed, I got mine from Amazon but Diode Dynamics makes a great set as well.

    Slammed, I got mine from Amazon but Diode Dynamics makes a great set as well.
  6. Donabed Kopoian

    Check engine light.

    Like others said, get the codes. There are literally tens of thousands of reasons why a check engine light can come on and without the code, there isn't much to say.
  7. Donabed Kopoian

    Top Speed CVT

    No way it would hit 135 stock ... unless you were downhill with tail wind On a flat level surface, the car would probably have nothing left after 125.
  8. Donabed Kopoian

    EBC Stage 5 Kit Front and Rear Brakes

    No! Rears are always different from the front. Rear discs are typically solid with no venting vanes in-between the plates. The fronts also have a larger diameter. If you are doing the rear brakes, you'll want a rear-caliper tool that locks in a 1/4" or 3/8" ratchet. Remove the rear...
  9. Donabed Kopoian

    Borla vs TRD exhaust????

    Exhaust drone doesn't bother me, but it does get loud when going up a hill, otherwise it's there but subtle. As far as Bluetooth, exhaust wouldn't ever interfere with it.
  10. Donabed Kopoian

    EBC Stage 5 Kit Front and Rear Brakes

    It is, but worth it!
  11. Donabed Kopoian

    EBC Stage 5 Kit Front and Rear Brakes The rears are there as well.
  12. Donabed Kopoian

    Borla vs TRD exhaust????

    I did it myself. It wasn't bad but sliding the rubber grommets off the old exhaust requires a liberal amount of soap water and elbow grease. I thought the rear sway bar would take longer but that was a 5 minute job. Exhaust I fought on it for an hour. I bought it at Toyota of Escondido for MSRP...
  13. Donabed Kopoian

    Throttle body spacers

    Throttle Body Spacers don't really do anything. More of a gimmick than a true power adder, unless of course that throttle body spacer has ports for nitrous injection ... then you might be on to something.
  14. Donabed Kopoian

    Borla vs TRD exhaust????

    I have the TRD and love it. Throaty and not ricey. The Borla is also a good choice. The rest out there sound awful.
  15. Donabed Kopoian

    2017 Corolla

    I would love to have Dynamic Cruise Control, especially in SoCal.
  16. Donabed Kopoian

    oil change

    I change every 10,000 miles. Why waste the money unless you live in regions hit with cold? If you go 10,000 miles, make sure whatever filter you buy can handle it. Lots of filters out there only rated for 5,000 miles.
  17. Donabed Kopoian

    Ultra Racing

    Use Photobucket and drop the link here. That was done to keep the server from filling up too fast.
  18. Donabed Kopoian

    2015 XRS

    2.5 also has far more getup. The 2.4 was a boat anchor.
  19. Donabed Kopoian

    Tire Pressure Light

    No. You never pull of Positive before you pull off Negative.
  20. Donabed Kopoian

    Tire Pressure Light

    There's a button in the glove box to reset the TPMS. After the car has sat for 3 hours or more, turn the car on (without starting it) while holding the TPMS button. It blinks 3 times when calibrating. Wait another minute before starting the car or turning it off. That's it.