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  1. fishycomics

    2014 S rear brake pad DS uneven wear.

    rear are disks like the front, the retainer m etal clip you changed out and greased as well? see if the caliper head is clean to.
  2. fishycomics

    Oil change

    Heck you will get a laugh enjoy oil changes be warned its adult style here
  3. fishycomics

    2020 toyota corolla cleaning maintenance

    Posted the comment in the video .
  4. fishycomics

    push start. need to know

  5. fishycomics

    Hyundai Kona

    two individual, different name same address diff apartment. more or less company can decline. Next time I use my other address. lol and got to t he main headquarters and just a run around. gave up on 3 months of going back and fourth, was not worth the hassel after they simply put you on...
  6. fishycomics

    2020 toyota corolla SE Climate Control

    Simply setting up and seeing how it works
  7. fishycomics

    Battery is flat after days later what I am doing to figure out:

    12.94vdc after an hours Drive. to me that is holding a charge from 12.52vdc I believe I can top it off to 13.20 plus but I am sure the battery will do just fine. while the old bat I have sitting off charge 12.44 for a good few days.
  8. fishycomics

    Battery is flat after days later what I am doing to figure out:

    Thank you Rock-n-roller: they should last my isse, who knows, just find it funny/strange that both bats gone on two different cars same time Lol when this was an issue now we'll see as temps are changing and the car less used. I'll report back. I still left the solar charger on got no...
  9. fishycomics

    Battery is flat after days later what I am doing to figure out:

    Purchased a Costco battery By Interstate 12.72vdc as the vdc is holding 12.54 we'll see what the future brings. 36 month battery made in 9/2019
  10. fishycomics

    2012 White Corolla

    Our 202 got the recall soon after purchase , and just soon after that my 2010 got one to.
  11. fishycomics

    draw looking for the problem

    solar is on not enough to keep it charged .2A is nothing 12.25 to 12.10. it is okay.. time for a new bat but at least I got back up, and checking for draw.
  12. fishycomics

    mechanic forgot wear indicator clips, any big deal?!

    Wear indicator that is long hmm.. I just did mine and they are rock solid on but each pad are different. the length may be the sound. like a tuning fork my guess/ if you don't want them, inspect more often.
  13. fishycomics

    AC (Cabin) Air Filter Change

    A lil pressure, force done so simple if asked.
  14. fishycomics

    Looking to buy new Corolla

    I do not love the profiles of the tires they are 40 series and you like feeling bumps and all good luck. the quicker these series gets off hte car the better go down to a 17 in wheel 60 series. good luck on your loan
  15. fishycomics

    2020 2.0L -- MPG check

    Lol I put the car in LKAS and sit back and let the car fight the traffic not me. just got to watch the cutters
  16. fishycomics

    2020 2.0L -- MPG check

    Sorry for the Late reply: Our gas is spot on we are City traffic no open highway where you go 5 hours at a clip non-stop, that is where the mpg shine, we are a 50MPH zone that if you can hold the pedal for 3 seconds you are cruising Lol. we got over 30MPG just personally did not measure...
  17. fishycomics

    SE 2020 Paint chip

    And honda the same today, ask me I got a Honda as well and funny thing is my 2010 has the Rcall got the letter last week! Nothing new