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    Alternator replacement

    Any opinions on what would be the better choice between a remanufactured Denso alternator or new Wai Global that are offered at Rock Auto? Not sure who remanufactures the Denso units or if they use quality parts. I was leaning more towards the new Wai but also noticed the amps are 110 vs 110 for...
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    Ac oil amounts

    Thats what i found as well. Nothing under the hood. Not sure exactly what came out. Old compressor only had a couple of ounces and the condensor was replaced and lines were flushed.
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    Ac oil amounts

    Can anyone confirm how many ounces of Ac oil are supposed to be used for the 1.8 engine? I replaced my ac compressor, condenser and expansion valve and flushed out the high and low side lines. I left the evaporator in place because it is a PITA to get out. I had the system evacuated and them...
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    Ac expansion valve replacement

    My hanes manual doesn't cover expansion valve replacement. It appears to be accessible through the engine firewall. My ac system has already been evacuated. It looks like after disconnecting the line holder and pulling the lines that there should be two screws that go through the valve and screw...