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  1. koby

    Whistle noise

    Mine does that too. Mine is caused by the drivers side mirror. I experimented one day driving home from work and folded the mirror in and low and behold it went away and came back when the mirror was folded back out.
  2. koby

    PM CVT Trans

    That video is not how are cars are done. Per the Toyota Tech Information system instructions. Pay the $15 bucks print the instructions for yourself, its an awesome tool to be able to understand the car and how things function within it. Its fairly straight forward and no super fancy tools are...
  3. koby

    Cabin Noise

    Coming from my older cars this corolla is super quiet. A front/ rear strut bar kills a ton of the rattles. My son always says go faster dad because the car is quiet compared to things I have driven in the past/ the car my dad has.
  4. koby

    No place to mount my amps?

    Research this a ton man, this is the difference between blowing speakers and not. You could write a whole essay on tuning amps.
  5. koby

    I'm not sure what you call this...

    They dont make a bit of difference. I commute an crap load for work and havent noticed any difference since removing them(both my calculations and the on board average mpg confirm this). I do have to put the disclaimer my car is nowhere near stock in the suspension department but I still get...
  6. koby

    No place to mount my amps?

    Back of the rear seat. Screwed a piece of wood into the metal supports, then amp into wood. Obviously if you have a massive amp this doesnt work.
  7. koby

    2016 S Premium CVT noise at idle

    I have the same sound and 125k on my car with zero issues and its been happening for awhile. CVT's are cheap for this car so if it blows up ill just replace it.
  8. koby

    Winter Tires - Front only

    have went 2 winters in Chicago already with just all seasons and i was fine, just have to be mindful of your driving and the people around you.
  9. koby

    Question about TRD front strut bar

    yep it fits
  10. koby

    Clunk noise when going over bumps?

    easiest thing to do is jack the front up and set it on some solid jack stands. Visually check everything and give parts a good shake, may find something just came loose. There is so many moving parts in the front suspension you are going to have to be a bit more detailed or else its just a...
  11. koby

    So, when should I expect to have to do a brake job on my 2014?

    Over 100k here and mine are still fine as well, I suspect you do a lot of highway driving like me where you rarely use your brakes?
  12. koby

    What wax should I use for my car

    I use the blue stuff found at Autozone...etc, some sort of Carnuba and it works well plus I can use it on my roof and it wont damage the liquid wrap.
  13. koby

    Borla vs TRD exhaust????

    Neither should void your warranty and neither will give you size able performance benefits so choose what sounds best to you man.
  14. koby

    Throttle body spacers

    I feel the pain man, went from a maxima to this and I feel like the sun and the moon have to be on perfect sync to get any power out of this but then again I did buy it for fuel efficiency
  15. koby

    Tail lights

    I said the same thing about my tail lights, now I dont remember how I did it haha
  16. koby

    Post Your Car!

    most recent pictures i have of my car. Planning on laying down a new color come spring time after the winter further decimates my paint
  17. koby

    Aftermarket Exhaust Manifold

    I have been tempted to buy this for nearly a year and a half but cant pull the trigger because im to afraid of the car sounding like a 90's rusted honda
  18. koby


    17x8 +35 offset on both wheels with a 3mm spacer in the rear
  19. koby

    Throttle body spacers

    I saw a write up somewhere where someone had done this to a 10th gen and nothing changed. Certain engines like throttle body spacers and others it doesnt change anything
  20. koby

    Ultra Racing parts

    Rear strut brace and front lower brace fit perfect