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  1. ToyBoy

    2014 LE 15inch steel wheels to OEM SE 17 inch rims swap

    You will want the 215/45 R17 87W tires .
  2. ToyBoy

    All those in favor of saving gasoline

    All those in favor of Canadians raise your right hand.:D
  3. ToyBoy

    2014 Toyota Corolla Sport battery change

    It`s a good idea to hook a battery to the OBD2 or the battery terminal themselves to keep computere settings stable during a change. Clean the the cars battery terminals with a wire brush or sandpaper before connecting up the new battery . Nothing difficult here and it don`t take long to change out.
  4. ToyBoy

    Thanks Betzy

    Thanks Betzy
  5. ToyBoy


    Hello Cranjack, Hope you enjoy the forum. What is your make and year of vehicle, and your thoughts of it?
  6. ToyBoy

    Keys stuck ignition

    I use WD 40
  7. ToyBoy

    spark plug replacement

    PS , I bought the original plugs on Ebay for $19 a set of 4 .
  8. ToyBoy

    spark plug replacement

    On a 15 Corolla it is a very simple and cheap thing to do yourself. I changed mine on my 14 at around 60k . I would go ahead and change them to see if it made any difference in that idle issue. If no change then maybe something else needs attention.
  9. ToyBoy

    HeadLight replacement

    I have the 2014 with LED lights and they are still fine. I wonder too how long they will go.
  10. ToyBoy

    Supertech oil filter

    The super tech has noticeable rubber on top and bottom of the filter while the stock Toyota filter does not. I was wondering if this is good or bad? It would seam like that would block more oil from escaping the filter and clean better.
  11. ToyBoy

    Supertech oil filter

    What do you think about the Supertech oil filter for a 2014 Corolla? On a 2014 they are the type that just inserts into the oil filter container. The Supertech is rated for a 10k lifespan and has a rubber molding at top and bottom of the filter. They sell at Walmart for $2.97 . I picked one up...
  12. ToyBoy

    2020 Toyota Corolla S watching the Bottom

    fishycomics, you have a 2020 Corolla now? What year was your previous Corolla?
  13. ToyBoy

    2020 Toyota Corolla S watching the Bottom

    Watch the bottom on pretty women too! :)
  14. ToyBoy

    toyota corolla what do you think

    I think car magazines rate cars the wrong way. Corolla is number 1 to me. First off I have the 2014 but I assume the 2020 is up to par with it . The ride is fine for the car size for me . The gas mileage is great. Reliability has been fine. I also have no problem with the interior . Plus they...
  15. ToyBoy

    Spark plugs change 192,000 kilometers

    PS if they have never been changed on your car since new being that has been quite awhile I would use a penetrating oil on the plugs set overnight before the change.
  16. ToyBoy

    Spark plugs change 192,000 kilometers

    I have a 2014 Corolla but it is likely your car isn`t much different. Spark plug change on my car was very easy. Plugs are right out in the open and easy to get at. I would suggest you look at some You Tube videos , that might help out some.
  17. ToyBoy

    2017 corolla oil change interval

    The on board computer on my 2014 comes on every 5K miles and I reset it every time. The owners manual will tell you how if you have a problem. All 0-20W oil is synthetic it will hold up longer than conventional oil. It could hold up for 10K under ideal conditions but I would recommend 5-7K oil...
  18. ToyBoy

    Oil change

    What a potty mouth. :)
  19. ToyBoy

    Plastic part that attaches to LINER, FRONT FENDER, RH?

    I have a 2014 Corolla but to me the top choice looks like it is the wheel well cover and the second pick looks like the flat cover that is right in front of the wheel well.
  20. ToyBoy

    When cold, it sounds like a tractor

    Wow! A 2093 , I didn`t know those were out already. :)