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  1. echarleswhyte

    Overhead console

    As I'm sure everyone who has a sunroof knows the overhead console lid has factory lining in it but today I added felt lining to the side and top of the console to keep any noises at bay. I decided to do a write up on how to disassemble the unit in the event anyone wants to do the same or if the...
  2. echarleswhyte


    Years ago, I semi-regularly checked the Toyota website for the airbag recall. My VIN# would always come back as no issues. I all but forgot about it until yesterday when I opened a letter from Toyota stating my car is one of the affected. I read up on it yesterday and this Takata air bag thing...
  3. echarleswhyte

    short shifter.

    Just curious, has anyone looked into making your own short shifter? I am mildly interested in doing this on my 2013. I was wondering what would be involved and how difficult it is to do.
  4. echarleswhyte

    Back Up Camera, Finally

    I have been wanting and searching for a back up camera for my 2013 Corolla but I never liked the prices on them. For some reason they are not as cheap in Canada as they are in the US, and just the factory harness seemed to be as much or more expensive than cameras available on EBAY. I found one...
  5. echarleswhyte


    As the years pile on my rolla gets older and older, as do I. I seems the more little rattles I get rid of, the more seem to be noticeable. Not sure if they are new or just me simply not noticing them before. Over last winter I noticed a rattle from the right front door. Not very loud but just...
  6. echarleswhyte

    dirver seat

    Hello friends. I have noticed this for a long time and never really paid attention to it. My 2013 S driver seat will settle. I pump it up to raise and from what I can tell within 2 weeks it has settled back down to the lowest setting. Anyone else experience this and is there a fix for it?
  7. echarleswhyte

    drum bolts

    Hello, anyone know the size of the bolt I need for the hole to turn the rear drum off? The ride is a 2013.
  8. echarleswhyte

    gear oil

    The manual to my 2013 says I should use Toyota genuine gear oil or 75W specs for my manual transmission fluid. Question is is it 75W 90, or 75W 120 or other weight?
  9. echarleswhyte

    single wire horn

    Does anyone know why the Corolla's horn, in my case 2013, only has one wire?
  10. echarleswhyte

    check engine light and trac off

    Hello, just today my check engine light on my 2013 S stayed on along with the trac off light. Does anyone know what this can mean? I'm sure it has something to do with the traction control and I will check my fuses later today to start but I want to find out if this is an easy fix before taking...
  11. echarleswhyte

    Brake pad and shoe change

    I like to do easy things on my car myself. One of those being changing brake pads and shoes. While I have never done it on ABS equipped cars before I have heard that the brake fluid should be drained when pushing the brake cylinder back. I have always just pushed the cylinder back and pushing...
  12. echarleswhyte

    wiper blades

    I changed my wiper blades yesterday. My question is, no mater what car you have why is it the replacement wiper blades sweep area is always smaller then the OEM and the right bottom corner never seems to sit right with replacement blades? It's not like the manufacturers have special blades made...
  13. echarleswhyte

    slave cylinder

    Hey y'all, I have the dreaded squeaky clutch syndrome. From what I have looked up it is the slave cylinder, that is where the noise is coming from. Before I go so something stupid I want to make sure that what is "circled" is a grease port. I don;t want to go shoving grease in there and ruin...
  14. echarleswhyte

    headliner noise finally squashed

    I will try to make this short. I've had my 2013 s for about a 1 1/2 years now. Since I bought it there has been a rattle in the headliner. I was most prevalent with the sunroof vented. No rattle when open, occasionally when closed, and when I placed my hand on the consul it would stop, no...
  15. echarleswhyte


    ok. I got the idea to change to LED bulbs and of course I want to get it done on a budget and it is turning out to be frustrating. I know I need to replace the flasher so I don't have ricer flash on my amber lights. Anyone know which flasher or flashers to replace on a 2013 Rolla? I read the...
  16. echarleswhyte


    here is a teaser I've been working on. I've had these things for some months now. They are in every door and cup holder. They have set the red tone in the interior. got this in the mail the other day of course had to get the red on it. more to come when all together
  17. echarleswhyte


    So today I decided to take a look deep inside my dash via the removed cluster. Why I did I don't know, just for something to do. Anyway behind this "grate" You will find this "sensor" thing. it has something plugged into it and you can see a white tube behind it. that white tube continues...
  18. echarleswhyte

    Rear Speakers

    well, after putting off doing my rear speakers (for background story read my front speaker thread) I decided to take everything apart and take a look at what I had to work with. Here is the stock speaker I then cut out the basket to fit the new speakers then I took the factory connector...
  19. echarleswhyte

    Front Speakers

    I will try to make this short. few months ago I got some 6.5" speakers for free. (brand new). While I never really had intentions of upgrading my speakers I now had two free ones. The brand is Scosche so I bought the same ones in 6x9. then I found out I need to buy adapters which are more...
  20. echarleswhyte

    Trunk Divider

    Yesterday afternoon I had to purchase a few things from the store on the way to pick up my wife from work. One of the items was a watermelon and one other was eggs. As I'm waiting in the parking lot for my wife to be off shift, I invisioned the big round watermelon rolling over the eggs and...