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    *2020 Toyota Corolla LE - Console Over Heat And Cruise Control Problem

    Screen looks like a problem to be covered by warranty. For cruise control, radar might sometimes be affected by distant car/objects or slight ill or slope on the road. Does it act the same on "constant" (non radar) mode (launching cruise by keeping pressure on button for 2 seconds) ? Anyway...
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    2014 Corolla S Radio Reboot Problem

    Find files (if any) and instructions by selecting your model on Toyota Downloads
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    AC issue

    Cabin filter clogged ? Condenser clogged ? Contaminated refrigerant ? Call a pro ? ;)
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    AC issue

    Normal, those are clutch less compressor. Check or have it check for a problem with the pulley (video from the other thread) and/or refrigerant level/pressure (and if it's the case, source of leak).
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    2015 Corolla Gas Gauge Needle Drops...

    The size of the puddle has more to do with the weather/temp/humidity of the day than anything else, including brand. MPG will be less with AC. How much less ? There are so many factors affecting mpg it's hard to determine if yours is "normal" or not. Even the rate of the needle going down isn't...
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    AC problem turn on and off several times for it to work and blow cold

    So it's back to check the system pressure/level or that the shaft plate isn't slipping from the pulley.
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    AC problem turn on and off several times for it to work and blow cold

    Are you sure that applies to 11th gen+ since they have clutchless AC ?
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    AC problem turn on and off several times for it to work and blow cold

    You don't mention how long it takes before finally blowing cold : 2 minutes might be normal, 2 hours might not be... Beside some slight delay being normal you might need to check the system pressure/level or that the shaft plate isn't slipping from the pulley (Those are clutch less systems, no...
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    18' Corolla LE decelerate whistling Noise

    What OP describe (decelerating noise) sound rather normal for a cvt. This TSB would apply to a CVT constantly making the noise, not just on deceleration.
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    Corolla 2014 radio malfunction

    That's one of the most frequent problem reported on this forum and others for units with navigation. I assume that's your case. Alleged solutions vary from resetting the unit (holding power), disconnecting battery for 15 minutes, or changing the head unit... In many cases, the system just want...
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    2019 Corolla SE radio issue

    Oh! Here the thing. Upon start, a song is read (generally the one that was on the last time). Meanwhile, the head unit makes an inventory of what is on the drive (whether it’s a new drive or a drive that was already there – the head unit doesn’t remember). Let’s say it needs 60 sec. to do this...
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    2019 Corolla SE radio issue

    Indeed. What I mean is Toyota don't provide regular update everytime a new phone or whatever material enter the market. The system is a done deal, The only updates are rather to solve bugs forgot in the original firmware, not to make it evolve. Anyway, you may check for updates here...
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    2019 Corolla SE radio issue

    Yes. Note that if that song isn't long enough for the head unit to make inventory, it will go to he beginning of the list. I doubt it. A firmware update comes if an issue common to all units is discovered. Your situation is particular Just a thought: how are your files organised on the drive...
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    2019 Corolla SE radio issue

    Normally, this would happen upon starting the car, when the head unit hasn't finished the inventory of the key (which can take a few minutes, event if it's always the same drive time after time) : playing current song than go to the beginning. If it happens randomly at anytime, I have no idea.
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    Music GraceNotes not syncing???

    There is no solution as it is a characteristic of the new system. More manufacturers are adopting it at the suggestion of NHTSA, to reduce distraction to the driver (while they put larger screens right in your face...). Album art will only shows when the car is at a stop or on P, depending on...
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    2014 Corolla Automatic Climate Control

    Nope. All 11th gen Corolla have this "Eco" green light which does nothing to the way the car operates but is there just to tell the driver he /she is driving in the most efficient way. The model with an eco mode, which dulls different functions like AC and acceleration has a second light marked...
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    whats the pink fluid? 2014 corolla S plus

    That's your coolant recovery tank. Toyota's coolant is rated for 100 000 miles. No need to change it before that. If needed, you may add some. I would stick with Toyota's coolant (from the dealer) to be sure it as the appropriate characteristics (not all coolant are created equal. You don't...
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    2016 Corolla not starting

    As Rock'n Roller say, sound like a weak/dead battery. In modern cars, battery is constantly solicited by various electronic/alarm even when the car just sit. The longer it sits without any driving, the weaker the battery gets. If it's any consolation, I've seen quite a few around here with the...
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    DRL lights do not turn on

    If it's a Canadian model, they'll turn on on "D", no parking brake. If it's a US model, it's a position on the left light stick on the steering wheel but may also be off via the touchscreen car setup.
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    The problems with early Nissan-Jatco in NA was right in the more delicate spot for CVT: fluid temperature control. They did update the firmware but once a unit has operated for a certain period with ruined fluid, damage might affect longevity. So those are the ones going off at relatively low...