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    Shudder while shutting down engine

    I noticed a shudder in engine compartment when shutting down the engine. The shudder also happen briefly (1 second) on cold start or when I engage the clutch pedal. Could it be a faulty motor mount?
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    Clutch not engaging

    Looks like it's either a problem with master or slave clutch cylinder. It's an hydraulic clutch and it share the same fluid reservoir than the brakes.
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    Blue crush paint getting worse

    Strangely enough, I once had a 2013 Kia Rio and it was almost the same shade of blue. Well, I had the exact same problem. Paint was flaking all over the place. Is it because the pigments in the blue paint cause trouble?
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    2014 S Apple CarPlay Head Unit

    There are many Pioneer head unit compatible the 2014 Corolla. You'll simply need to add this: This way, you'll be able to retain steering wheel control.
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    Rear Calliper question

    Yep, almost every cars with rear disc brakes now use this kind of calipers. The piston slowly unscrew itself while the pad is wearing out. It allow the e-brake to self-adjust. On the front, you don't have to deal with that since it's simply a normal piston and you can easily compress it. When...
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    Rear Calliper question

    Since these are rear brake calipers with e-brake, you'll probably need a special tool to compress the piston back into place. You can find an universal toolkit on Amazon: or, you could probably rent it at a tool shop in your city. The piston is placed around...
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    09 Corolla abs Trac and VSC lights on but not check engine

    A fault recorded in the VSC, traction control or ABS system won't be visible if you use a normal OBDII scan tool. You need a more expensive device to read the error code for these systems...
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    Recommended preventive maintenance for rear brakes (disc)?

    Being the new owner of a 2014 Corolla S, I wonder what is recommended in terms of preventive maintenance for the rear brakes with discs? Just asking because I had a 2013 Kia Rio and they recommended to remove pads and calipers twice a year to clean them and lubricate the sliding pins, if...
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    k&n air filter $30

    I just got a K&N for 50$ bucks, it was a bit expensive but it seem to be at higher quality than the OEM filter.
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    Just bougt a 2014 Corolla S (6 MT)

    I was the owner of a 2013 Kia Rio but I had all sort of problems with this cars. I see reports showing how Kia and Huyndai are now on top for brand quality but I feel like it's bullshit. This Kia had paint flaking all over the place and I had to replace rear brake pads every year. That's why I...