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    Shudder while shutting down engine

    I noticed a shudder in engine compartment when shutting down the engine. The shudder also happen briefly (1 second) on cold start or when I engage the clutch pedal. Could it be a faulty motor mount?
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    Recommended preventive maintenance for rear brakes (disc)?

    Being the new owner of a 2014 Corolla S, I wonder what is recommended in terms of preventive maintenance for the rear brakes with discs? Just asking because I had a 2013 Kia Rio and they recommended to remove pads and calipers twice a year to clean them and lubricate the sliding pins, if...
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    Just bougt a 2014 Corolla S (6 MT)

    I was the owner of a 2013 Kia Rio but I had all sort of problems with this cars. I see reports showing how Kia and Huyndai are now on top for brand quality but I feel like it's bullshit. This Kia had paint flaking all over the place and I had to replace rear brake pads every year. That's why I...