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    Pics of lowered corolla

    I'm looking at getting bc coils and lowering it 4 inches, anybody have pics of there car lowered 4 inches?
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    Weapon r header question

    I have a 2018 corolla, it has a muffler and resonater delete. If I got the weapon r header, will it make the car louder?
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    Exhaust tip

    Will a 4inch exhaust tip fit my 2018 corolla LE?
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    Corolla intake

    Thinking about getting the weapon R dragon short ram intake for my 2018 corolla. Anybody have this intake on there's? How's the sound ?
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    Wheel fitment question

    My 2018 corolla Is lowered 2.25 front n back,im looking to buy 17x8 +32 wheels. Should I go with 215/45 or 225/45 to avoid rubbing?
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    11th gen corolla lowering springs

    I'm new here, was wondering if anybody is on megan lowering springs on there rolla with stock 16x6.5. If so how is the ride quality, and please post pictures.