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    Intermittent starting problem

    There is a relay in the right side by the battery where all the fuses are, one of them allows the car to start if that relay malfunctions the car wont start it will take 4-7 trys, i would replace the relay first to make sure is no that, no sure which relay is as there is like 3 of them.
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    Jumpstart mistake

    no damage, as long as positive and negative were correct.
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    no accessories

    if the fuses are then is the wire, I'm no %100 sure but I think the 2 black with white stripes wires are the ones that turn on the accessories, (would be better to find a diagram to make sure) if you bridge the 12v supply to the accessories wires it should turn on, this will turn on the...
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    no accessories

    There is a fuse box inside the car, if you look at the buttons that control the mirror below that there is a little box that you can remove so you can see the fuse box, but you will have to go under where the steering wheel is so you can access the fuse box, it has fuses and some relays on it...
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    no accessories

    I would check the accessories fuses first to make sure they are all good, then you will have to disconnected, and get a multimeter to check the wires, here is how it works, one wire by applying positive to it should turn on accessories, another wire by applying positive should turn on the...
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    Power Window Conversion

    I did mine long time ago, here is what cost me, buy the hardware for this model, dont buy universal aftermarker ones, buy what would be a replacement for electric ones, they cost me like $35 each, they have the motor and the hardware like the original and it fits, you may need a few more screws...
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    Lights behind temperature control doesn't work

    I replaced those with led long time ago, look much better but they go out much faster, the little bulbs I think you can buy them at auto store, they have a little condom that makes the light turn green, if somebody needs help let me know
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    2003 Starter Relay Location

    You can buy them at ebay
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    no accessories

    There is a false contact with one of the cables, make sure all cables are propertly connected, and the ignition coil is the correct one to make sure it turns everything on correctly
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    Won't start without starting fluid

    There is a relay that will prevent the car from starting, is very simple fix and I would try to replace it first to see if that's the problem, a relay is a simple electronic switch that turns on the pump, and other electronics, it happen to me while messing around with the car, that may be the...