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  1. ToyBoy

    gas mileage

    To answer your question though winter blend does not get as good gas mileage as a summer blend gas. And also in cold weather because your car takes longer to warm up than in winter it accounts for more gas use.
  2. ToyBoy

    All those in favor of saving gasoline

    Please raise your right foot.
  3. ToyBoy

    gas mileage

    I didn`t know they made Corollas back in 1018 :-)
  4. ToyBoy

    New Tires Recommendations

    About 10k back I had Kumho t11 tires installed at Discount Tire . Very good tire and you save a good deal of money over some others. They are well liked in "Consumer Reports".
  5. ToyBoy

    battery replaced yet?

    javascript:; I just ordered a Ancell BST 200 off Ebay to do a battery check on my current battery. I paid $35.88 for it. It gets good reviews .
  6. ToyBoy

    Is this part of my car?

    Just wonder Mark if you found out what that was from?
  7. ToyBoy

    radiator reservoir low

    No, you get a waste of money out of that.
  8. ToyBoy

    Gambling - good or bad?

    I consider gambling throwing away money.
  9. ToyBoy

    battery replaced yet?

    Just wondering how long I will go. I`m at 57k miles now on original battery. Not sure what the manufacture is on it.
  10. ToyBoy

    battery replaced yet?

    Anyone with a 2014 Corolla have to replace your battery yet?
  11. ToyBoy


    You know if I could get a suv that gets the same gas mileage as my Corolla at the same price as a Corolla and great reliabilty I would consider one. These are the main reasons I bought my Corolla.
  12. ToyBoy

    "Maintenance Required Soon" - oil change

    I change mine myself. I have no set minimum mile change. I prefer to change when the weather is decent and not cold out. I`m usually at around the 5-6k mile mark when I do the change. I know that is sooner than needed but I do it anyway.
  13. ToyBoy

    What is the maximum tire pressure in my 2017 Corolla?

    I would stick with 32 psi . With no more than a 35 psi maximum .
  14. ToyBoy

    I want to increase my New Corolla 1.8 HP...

    When I first saw this post listed I thought you wanted to increase your horsepower to 1.8hp . I was thinking what the heck, that`s not even 2hp, why bother. Duh, then it hit me :-)
  15. ToyBoy

    2019 Corolla Hatchback Trailer Hitch

    I can`t help with the hitch question but If you guys with a new 19 hatchback would like to post your reviews of the car that would be cool.
  16. ToyBoy

    Shifted to 'P' at 10 mph

    I shift to P when I hit the bathroom.
  17. ToyBoy

    Little box above P for Park

    I try to P after I park. :-)
  18. ToyBoy

    Is this part of my car?

    Could it be a cap over the bolt that holds the seat to the floor?
  19. ToyBoy

    Gas Filter

    Thanks, I`ve had cars in the past where the PCV valve was right out in the open and you could change them in a minute for a couple bucks.